WickedBeauty's Multi-coloured hair

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  • Beautiful purple and matches so well with your eyebrows. Report Comment
  • Gorgeous picture :D awesome in combination with the make-up Report Comment
  • Ohh great picture and color on you! mind must keep on my favorites :) perfect!! Report Comment
  • That's beautiful! What did you used before? my Plum is more purple/pinkish but you have these nice blue highlights there <3 Report Comment
  • Fantastic pic. Report Comment
  • Oh thank you so much everyone <3 At the time I took this photo I had mixed in a little bit of Atlantic Blue with my Plum just to even out the pink in plum (as it was covering brassy yellow roots) and it ended up fading like this. As for the eyebrows, I use Inglot's AMC gel liner! They're super pigmented, dry really well and are mega smooth to apply. Since they have loads of bright colours I usually buy a different colour whenever I change my hair :D Report Comment
  • What a beautiful color! Report Comment
  • perfect hair-makeup combo! Report Comment

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