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Here are Queeny's most recent photo. You can check out their other timeline pics by clicking a photo on the photo reel. Don't forget to rate the photo and leave a comment if you like it!


  • ooh this is so pretty Report Comment
  • Wow! I'm always going for the brightest, most screaming blues I can get, but this color on you makes me rethink that goal! This is so pretty and subtle! Really delightful! Report Comment
  • Thanks @Dizzinea & @TCMDiva - I'm really happy with it! It's subtle, but not too subtle. And I'm counting on a nice fade aswell with these dyes ;) I usually go quite bright aswell TCMDiva but the navy and grey dimmed it a bit down. It looks good with a lot of different clothingcolours aswell + my regrowth is allmost invisible XD Report Comment
  • I am in love with this deep blue you got there queeny!! gorgeous!:) Report Comment
  • Gorgeous! I love this! Great job @Queeny. Report Comment
  • Beautiful Dark blue! Report Comment
  • This is so beautiful! Like a blue black but somehow it really pops. Report Comment

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