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Here are NLeigh's most recent photo. You can check out their other timeline pics by clicking a photo on the photo reel. Don't forget to rate the photo and leave a comment if you like it!


  • This is so fun! I tried titanium but it literally turned my hair a murky purple, and after about two washes my ends were greeny. Yours turned out so well! Report Comment
  • did you cut your hair, or did you just sweep your bangs aside or something? either way, you look gorgeous!! and I love the colors:)) Report Comment
  • Very pretty and great idea. Report Comment
  • This is still super cute! I'm sad to see that the turquoise faded so quickly since I love how saturated it looked. Report Comment
  • Thanks guys! @hokiepokie607 I'm sorry Titanium didn't work for you! It's been amazing for me, but dye is funny that way, it can turn out different ways for different people. @denis I didn't cut my hair, just styled it a little differently, haha. And thank you @Andya! Report Comment
  • Thanks @vivienne! I feel the same way about the turquoise, actually, it was probably my favorite turquoise ever when it was freshly dyed. Sigh. Report Comment

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