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What is a timeline?

A Hair Timeline is a collection of hair photos ordered by the date. You can see how this member's hair has changed over time. Each time you add a photo it is automatically built into your timeline. If you want to add photos to your timeline you'll have to log in first .


Click here to visit your timeline and see if anyone has commented on your photos!


Don't forget, these are hair timelines. Any pictures that aren't hair related will be removed.

McXahn's Timeline

Here are McXahn's most recent photo. You can check out their other timeline pics by clicking a photo on the photo reel at the side. Don't forget to rate the photo and leave a comment if you like it!

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McXahn's comment:

My Sergeant Calhoun hair~ I cut it all off yesterday and so far, I'm loving it. I haven't toned it yet, so it's a little yellow at the roots :c


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