• oh...I just love your little bob haircut! your hair looks so cute like this:)) Report Comment
  • Really so live colour this! I like it!!! Report Comment
  • thanks so much @denis, and @Angi, it's feels really bright to me, but I'll get used to it indoor lighting it looks pink and coral and sort of red. Report Comment
  • This vibrant pink really goes well with your skin tones in my humble opinion than a more purplish pink. Definitely can see darker at the roots and is a compliment to the lighter ends. Much prettier color and style than the flamingo in the background. Lovely! Report Comment
  • lol thanks @andya I'm getting used to it, and I do like it, I'm a lot brighter then my poor flamingo thats for sure! Report Comment
  • I just went back to purple, but now I want pink again!! Gorgeous colour and suits you so well! Report Comment
  • Thanks @ Hanne Report Comment
  • I just love Adore Neon - I can see in the photo where you've placed it, even with the mandarin. Fabulously bright! The mix of pinks is working brilliantly. Fabulous as ever! Report Comment
  • Aw thanks @mummydactyl, the neon pink is no joke! I couldn't handle it all over but it's great to mix in and brighten things up I hope this doesn't fade to crazy Report Comment
  • Was really thinking the Burgundy would look darker than this but it really is pretty, nice to see warmer colours on you. :) Report Comment
  • Thanks Katox, I diluted burgundy wine a little probably too much, I was expecting it to as strong as the other dark special effects colors but it's really not, if I do it again I'll dilute less Report Comment
  • That'd be cool, does it look dark in the bottle? I've been contemplating getting it but if it's not that dark I don't think I'll bother! :P Report Comment
  • it's super dark in the bottle, like deep purple with red undertones dark. Report Comment
  • <3 the cheeky little matching flamingo :) Report Comment
  • lol hi @megden, my husband hates that flamingo, he's one of my favorite parts of my yard. Report Comment
  • Beautiful result and love the flamingo photobomber! :) Report Comment
  • Lol thanks @ piscine Report Comment

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