• I know it's not what you planned but you make it look cute!!! Report Comment
  • Aw thanks! Report Comment
  • OMGosh- you cut the back yourself?!? I'm all kinds of impressed, Lady! Nicely done! It will grow fast and I know you'll rock it as it grows no matter what the length is! :) Report Comment
  • aw thanks so much @tcmdiva, I used alot of mirrors! Report Comment
  • looks good, cute haircut dz!:)) Report Comment
  • thanks @denis! Report Comment
  • So sorry about your breakage but this looks great! :) Report Comment
  • So sorry too for the issues you face I understand you so much! The cut you done is great for alone!!! I want too but I'm trying to grow out also but is going so slow to me there back! I don't know why! ?:/ Report Comment
  • thanks so much @piscine, and @angi, I feel like the opposite the hair in the back mullets out on me really fast so that's why I wasn't so upset, it's the sides that are slow for me Report Comment
  • Cute! You are a cut up @Dizzinea . Pun intended. Report Comment
  • lol thanks @andya Report Comment
  • lol hair hair hair problems :D dont worry dizzinea i have also and the sides that growing slow really i dont know why xP but fro the top i see is more fast O.o is weird lol Report Comment
  • @angi and @ dizzinea from professional friends indicated one side of hair will grow faster than the other side. No worries. Suggest self scalp massage to keep the blood flowing and scalp stimulated. My left side grows faster than my right side, which only becomes a problem when I start to lean toward the left...lol. Report Comment
  • lol @Andya :D thats a good tip i think must to try it :) thank you for searing! Report Comment

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