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Directions Pre-Colour Shampoo


This pre-colour shampoo is produced by LaRiche (the same people that make Directions hair colour) and has been formulated to get your hair in the best possible condition for dyeing. Use this pre-colour shampoo to remove product build-up and prepare your hair, allowing colour to penetrate deeper.

  • 250ml
  • Not tested on animals
$6.00 (USD)
  • €5.00 (EUR)
  • £4.00 (GBP)
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Apply to soaking wet hair, lather and rinse thoroughly. For best results follow with Directions Colour Protecting Conditioner.

  • If you have a question about this product, please contact us or ask in our forum.

  • Ingredients ⮣

  • Precautions

    Avoid contact with yes. If product gets into eyes rinse well with water immediately.

Reviews of Directions Pre-Colour Shampoo

  • Is this a necessity if you don't use any product (therefore no buildup) in your hair..?
  • I find this product gives me a wonderfully even distribution of colour every time I use it ahead of a new dye job. It's also handy for getting rid of old colour. As good as the best clarifying shampoos out there.

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