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Special Effects Iguana Green


Iguana Green is probably the most popular green hair colour from Special Effects’ range of semi-permanent dyes. It has deep green tones while still being an extremely bright and vibrant colour.

  • 118ml
  • Semi-permanent
  • Not tested on animals
$14.50 (USD)
  • €13.00 (EUR)
  • £11.00 (GBP)
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For best results, particularly with lighter shades, apply to hair that has been pre-lightened to pale blond. Apply to freshly washed (not conditioned), dry or damp hair. Apply using latex gloves. We recommend using a tinting brush to ensure even coverage. Work the dye into the hair for a few minutes and leave for at least 15 minutes (you may leave this dye on for longer as long as you cover your hair with plastic wrap or a shower cap to prevent it drying out). Rinse with warm water until the water runs clear.

For longer lasting colour, use a shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair.

  • If you have a question about this product, please contact us or ask in our forum.

  • Ingredients ⮣

  • Precautions

    Although these dyes do not contain the harsh chemicals of other dyes such as ammonia and peroxide, there is still a small chance that they could cause an allergic reaction. For this reason it is imperative that you do a strand and sensitivity test before using them. An ingredients list is available above and can also be found on the product’s packaging (ingredients list can sometimes be found under our sticker). NEVER use any of these products on eyelashes or eyebrows.

    As you would expect from a dye these colours can stain textiles, ceramic, wood and other surfaces as well as temporarily stain skin and nails so be careful to cover surfaces and wear gloves when applying the colour. Once used these products may also rub off your hair and skin and onto clothing and bedding. Although this usually disappears after washing it’s worth bearing this in mind. Staining to bathtubs, basins and showers can easily be cleaned using a bleach based cleaning product.

    Do not mix with peroxide.

    Colours may cause permanent staining to bleached or chemically treated hair. Tip: You can avoid staining on your skin by applying a layer of vaseline anywhere on your skin where dye may come in contact.

Reviews of Special Effects Iguana Green

  • I'm definitely happy with the results I got off of this, but in all honesty my results are properly atypical. The bleach I was using dried up in my hair so I ended up a few shades under pale yellow, without a consistent shade. It ended up being something like a hulk green with streaks of black. Very good effect if I may say so myself.
  • This color looks really great when first applied to hair, and lasts a bit longer than SFX Limelight. It turns out a true green (unlike the color swatches for this color). This color faded quickly in my hair, but it was a lighter and lighter green as it faded until it returned to a green-tinted yellow(the same color that sfx limelight fades to).
  • One of my favorite greens.
  • I absolutely love this color. I'm not a huge fan of green but I loved this. I bought it for Halloween because it matched the shade of green in my costume exactly. It's a nice bright real green.
  • Awesome, awesome color. It's a true green, not the blue-green the swatch shows. The only downside is that it fades to a gross mucus yellow color, hahah.
  • Really nice sort of bright emerald green at first. Nothing to do with iguana green, if you ask me. Came out a little streaky, though... darker where it was on thicker or on longer. I think if I had left it on a lot longer it would have just kept on getting darker, unlike most neon SFX colors. Medium fading to a so-so middle lime color, which is kind of hard to re-cover due to the streaking problems. Went nicely with a Limelight halo.
  • This is my first green dye job and it came out fantastic. It starts out a darker emerald color and gradually fades to a lighter green. Mixing in a bit of blue gets rid of that yellowy residue as it fades. I definitely recommend this, and I wouldn't hesitate to try it again in the future.
  • This is such a great, true green. It does fade somewhat faster than other SPFX dyes, but the initial color is so perfect that it makes it worth it.
  • this is a warm-toned green (your shower runoff will be yellow) that fades somewhat quickly. it starts out a deep mossy green, then brightens to heineken bottle green, then kelly green, and so on until you end up with a yellowy pistachio color.
  • I love this color. Its the perfect shade of green. I add some sonic green though to darken the color and keep it from fading to quickly to a limey yellow.
  • I have it in right now!! I'm incredibly excited to see how it turns out!! It's my first time using Special Effects brand. I'm not sure if all of their dye is like this, but I found it rather difficult to saturate the hair. I had to use a lot to cover little hair. Judging by other comments, it seems to last long and fade nicely. So, again, I am very much anticipating my results. :3
  • Aaaaand it's fabulous. It's bright and just an all around lovely shade of green. :3
  • I loove this color, perfectly flourscent and yet subtle. First time using this brand dye and straying away from my forever-love manic panic, but it winded up being a wise choice. much recomended above electric lizard for vibrance. ;p
  • I've had this green in for a week and six days; so far so good. I wanted a bright green and I couldn't find the exact colour, but this dye fades to a very beautiful green and it suits purple very well. It fades very quickly (I went in the sun for less than three hours and the top was already a light green with tints of yellow). I really like it when it fades, although I miss the green it used to be. I left the dye in for two hours and it still isn't lasting very well, bearing in mind most of my hair was freshly bleached. I've been getting positive comments where-ever I go- even at school the teachers were complimenting it!
  • This is the first ever dye I have used, and I applied it onto untouched, natural hair. The vibrancy was stunning and everyone loves the deep emerald colour I achieved, despite not bleaching beforehand. Really could not be any happier with this dye, and will definitely be buying again!
  • I've NEVER found another green dye that I loved more than this one! Always came out a vibrant emerald green, that's lasted up to a month for me without fading. So sad they're discontinuing! ????

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