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Special Effects Cherry Bomb


This is a semi-permanent ruby red hair dye from Special Effects. Cherry Bomb is a radiant bright red with strong pink tones.

  • Glows under UV!
  • 118ml
  • Semi-permanent
  • Not tested on animals
$15.00 (USD)
  • €13.50 (EUR)
  • £11.00 (GBP)
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- More expected in 100 years.

A very bright pink that is radiant in sunlight. Cherry Bomb is a glowing bright red (that actually does glow under UV!). It’s a pink based red so tends to fade out to pink after several weeks.

Tip: Pink-toned reds are perfect for covering darker, golden blonde hair. The yellow tones in golden blonde hair combined with the cooler tones of pink reds like Cherry Bomb create a neutral, true red colour. Of course, orange reds like Hot Lava will cover golden blonde too, but the contributing yellow pigments already in the hair will give a more orange result.


For best results, particularly with lighter shades, apply to hair that has been pre-lightened to pale blond. Apply to freshly washed (not conditioned), dry or damp hair. Apply using latex gloves. We recommend using a tinting brush to ensure even coverage. Work the dye into the hair for a few minutes and leave for at least 15 minutes (you may leave this dye on for longer as long as you cover your hair with plastic wrap or a shower cap to prevent it drying out). Rinse with warm water until the water runs clear.

For longer lasting colour, use a shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair.

  • If you have a question about this product, please contact us or ask in our forum.

  • Ingredients ⮣

  • Precautions

    Although these dyes do not contain the harsh chemicals of other dyes such as ammonia and peroxide, there is still a small chance that they could cause an allergic reaction. For this reason it is imperative that you do a strand and sensitivity test before using them. An ingredients list is available above and can also be found on the product’s packaging (ingredients list can sometimes be found under our sticker). NEVER use any of these products on eyelashes or eyebrows.

    As you would expect from a dye these colours can stain textiles, ceramic, wood and other surfaces as well as temporarily stain skin and nails so be careful to cover surfaces and wear gloves when applying the colour. Once used these products may also rub off your hair and skin and onto clothing and bedding. Although this usually disappears after washing it’s worth bearing this in mind. Staining to bathtubs, basins and showers can easily be cleaned using a bleach based cleaning product.

    Do not mix with peroxide.

    Colours may cause permanent staining to bleached or chemically treated hair. Tip: You can avoid staining on your skin by applying a layer of vaseline anywhere on your skin where dye may come in contact.

Reviews of Special Effects Cherry Bomb

  • A really excellent dye that I applied over my natural blonde with really stunning results. This lasted brightly for a good 6 weeks and had an amazing neon glow that really set it apart from other dyes. Does stain though - but it is so worth it.
  • This color is fantastic. It mixes seamlessly with other colors, which allows you to achieve many different tones of red, magenta, and pink. The red sticks around for a good 3-4 weeks on average, gradually fading very gracefully to differing shades of pink. Quite a trip.
  • This is a lovely colour, but a bit too pink for what I wanted it for.
  • This also works over light brown hair. Depending on the light and your base colour it goes shades from bright pinky red to a deeper 'vampire' red. Really a very pretty shade.
  • good colour, but faded to a very pinky red after one wash
  • I love this color. I've used several different kinds of red, and this is my favorite. It's quite long-lasting, too.
  • Fantastic dye. I honestly couldn't have been more thrilled with the result! Such a beautiful mix of reds with a hint of pink. I got so many compliments with this one! Although do watch out for the staining it can create, but if you're familiar with Special Effects than you know this already.
  • does anyone know if its like Manic Panic's "Vampire red"?
  • Love it. Quite a bright colour. Stains, but is absolutely worth it. Had a lots of compliments about this one.
  • I'm really just repeating similar praise but this color is so beautiful. Neon red with sparkles of hot pink in the natural sunshine. I did over fading yellow hair so mine has a coral tone as well. Super bright and after lots of washes (estimate 30?) it still remains so. Maybe it's just my hair type but I can barely see any fading at all. I agree the bleeding is significant and that's an issue I never really have. It splattered hot pink over my whole shower the first 6 or so washes in a row but that has since ended. I recommend for sure. xo

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