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Special Effects Blue Velvet


This deep blue hair colour from Special Effects starts out almost black and gets visibly brighter with each wash. Blue Velvet is a rich and faceted dark blue hair dye, which while semi-permanent, can last for several months on bleached hair!

  • 118ml
  • Long-lasting, semi-permanent
  • No peroxide or ammonia
  • Not tested on animals
$15.00 (USD)
  • €13.50 (EUR)
  • £11.00 (GBP)
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- More expected in 100 years.

Incredibly long-lasting, many Blue Velvet fans enjoy this shade for several months before needing to top up their colour. The best base for Blue Velvet is pale blonde but since it’s so richly pigmented, it’s a forgiving colour and can cover darker, warmer blondes. You may even find Blue Velvet tints natural hair although it won’t last as well on unbleached hair.

Most Special Effects colours pack a lot of pigment, but the side-effect of this is that the colour can rub off onto your skin, clothing and bedding, especially when wet. This diminishes after the first 2 weeks and most staining to textiles can be washed off with normal detergents, but we recommend taking precautions against staining by using an old pillowcase or wearing dark clothing, just in case.

Blue Velvet starts out as a very deep blue-black, like ink, and over many weeks fades out to a lighter brighter blue, eventually fading out to a cornflower blue due to the violet tones in this dye. Loaded with colour, Blue Velvet gives a deep, lustrous shine to bleached hair. It colour appears to shift from dark to light with bright blue reflexes in sunlight, giving it an almost iridescent quality.

This beautiful colour is worth the commitment!


For best results, particularly with lighter shades, apply to hair that has been pre-lightened to pale blond. Apply to freshly washed (not conditioned), dry or damp hair. Apply using latex gloves. We recommend using a tinting brush to ensure even coverage. Work the dye into the hair for a few minutes and leave for at least 15 minutes (you may leave this dye on for longer as long as you cover your hair with plastic wrap or a shower cap to prevent it drying out). Rinse with warm water until the water runs clear.

For longer lasting colour, use a shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair.

  • If you have a question about this product, please contact us or ask in our forum.

  • Ingredients ⮣

  • Precautions

    Although these dyes do not contain the harsh chemicals of other dyes such as ammonia and peroxide, there is still a small chance that they could cause an allergic reaction. For this reason it is imperative that you do a strand and sensitivity test before using them. An ingredients list is available above and can also be found on the product’s packaging (ingredients list can sometimes be found under our sticker). NEVER use any of these products on eyelashes or eyebrows.

    As you would expect from a dye these colours can stain textiles, ceramic, wood and other surfaces as well as temporarily stain skin and nails so be careful to cover surfaces and wear gloves when applying the colour. Once used these products may also rub off your hair and skin and onto clothing and bedding. Although this usually disappears after washing it’s worth bearing this in mind. Staining to bathtubs, basins and showers can easily be cleaned using a bleach based cleaning product.

    Do not mix with peroxide.

    Colours may cause permanent staining to bleached or chemically treated hair. Tip: You can avoid staining on your skin by applying a layer of vaseline anywhere on your skin where dye may come in contact.

Reviews of Special Effects Blue Velvet

  • This was a really pretty shade of deep blue that does in fact fade to indigo. Depending on who you ask and what lighting you are in, people will tell you that it is either blue or purple. My only problem with this color was that it lost its obvious blue after about a week and then looked indigo, which was still a very pretty shade, but I did dye my hair BLUE! I still recommend it, though.
  • A very nice shade of dark blue that fades to an indigo sometimes, but is still very pretty. after a few washes seems more purple than blue. Lasted around a month until fading made it silvery lavender.
  • Look, it lasts a while on my hair and fades pretty evenly, which is the main criterion I'd use for judging whether a dye's decent. However, I was looking for a pure blue, and got sold this stuff. It's really quite purple. Maybe when it's first applied it's too dark to differentiate but when it fades the underlying base becomes apparent. The purple base gives the blue a really quite fascinating bright synthetic neon glow, which is probably just what some people are seeking in a blue, I was looking for more of a deep summer sky blue. I prefer my blues to fade to pastel blue with a turquoise green hint, not silver/grayish as purple blues tend to. But some vastly prefer the latter, so be forewarned and this blue might be right up your alley.
  • This is a really nice dark Indigo color that has staying power. In florescent light it looks more purple, but in natural sun light it is a bright and beautiful blue. If you are looking for a lighter, truer blue try special effects electric blue or a mix of the two which is what I did.
  • A dark blue colour which works well on brassy blonde and turns dark brown a blue-black colour. It has not faded yet and I've had it nearly two weeks. Not bad, but this is not really a crazy colour in my opinion as it is too dark! However if you want a blue without bleaching your hair to a crisp pick this one :)
  • I used this again on lighter hair and it looks lighter, quite a deep blue but still nice.
  • I loved this shade, very deep and shiny on bleached hair. It's been three weeks and it's faded a little bit here and there (lighter blue, greyish blue or sometimes blueish lavender) but overall it holds on very well on my hair.
  • I used this dye with silver and loved it. Diluted with a tiny bit of conditioner it's pretty much the colour of blue ballpoint ink, which looked great to me! The only downside is that it does fade rather purple, but I found that mixing in a bit of dark green sorted that out.
  • I love this dye! Very deep blue when it first went on over bleached hair, almost navy indoors, but a true deep blue in the sun. As it faded it became more and more purple, finally fading to an almost magenta purple, and lilac on the ends. Really lovely color... It has staying power too! Stayed blue for three weeks when kept out of the sun, and then faded to purple in another two. The bits that were out in the sun lasted about 4 weeks before the dye was completely stripped. Not bad for a blue- definitely recommend!
  • Not impressed with this dye. I used it on bleached dreadlocks with two colours from Directions too. The Directions colours rinsed well and have not bled into each other. This stuff dyes any skin it comes into contact with even after 5 washes and ten minutes of pouring cold water over it - I have to now wear my dreads in a ponytail to stop my neck going blue! Will never use again!
  • This is the best color ever! I felt like every time I wash it it seemed to change shades of blue or purple either one dominating but never faded out and I even at one point had it on unbleached hair and it showed plus it had glorious highlighting effect. i love special effects <3
  • This is another great SFX color, with lasting power comparable to Atomic Pink. It definitely does fade towards purple, but it's a pretty fade that eventually turns silver-ish. It does bleed quite a bit, but less so if diluted with conditioner.
  • Very pretty, deep blue that worked well on my boyfriend's brassy blonde hair. It rubs off on most things though and you will have to deal with blue bath tubs, pillows and fingers.
  • I loved this dye! It's a very deep blue but in the sunlight gives vibrant reflects, it looks more indigo. It lasted a super long time on my hair and faded to a very cute purple shade.
  • Gorgeous dark blue, it covers most anything if not diluted too much (I actually used it over a very orange base, diluted 1:1). The fade hasn't been my favourite but I loved the color freshly dyed :)
  • I used over kind of a dirty blonde and it covered great... A blue-black indoors at first and almost like a dark 'blurple' outside. After a few washes it got much brighter and truer blue! I diluted it a lot!
  • I dyed my hair with this 4 days ago, and I love it! It looks really dark indoors but in the sun it looks so bright and beautiful. I am in love. <3
  • It's a pretty deep blurple. As others have said, it looks more navy in natural light and more purple in florescent light. Note that it not only dyes your hair, but everything else, too -- my sink, my tub, my pillowcase, even skin covered by Vaseline ahead of time. After a couple shampoos, it's bleeding less, but I still need to wear gloves to style my hair without turning my nails blue. It's not as bad as Directions Atlantic Blue (which stained my sheets so much they're still blue after many washes) but it's still a lot worse than Adore or Arctic Fox has been for me.
  • Update: The fade on this has been gorgeous for me. It's been six weeks, and it's a gorgeous electric cobalt blue now, and at least the bleeding has stopped. It definitely has purple undertones. Those seeking more of a navy fading to medium blue should try Adore's Royal Navy instead.

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