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Pravana Locked-In Pink

Locked-In Pink by Pravana is an exciting new product! It allows you to place bright vivid colour on your bleached hair without bleeding. This means you can put the colour just where you want it without it running into the colour next to it, giving you the freedom to create all sorts of dyeing effects!

Just like Pravana Vivids Pink, Locked-In pink is a fantastic, long-lasting bright pink hair colour. Ideal for bleached hair.

  • Doesn’t run or bleed when washed
  • Can be mixed with other colours in the Locked-In line
  • Non-damaging formula for bleached/prelightened hair
  • Not tested on animals
  • 90ml tube
  • Semi-permanent; gradually fades each time you shampoo
$18.50 (USD)
  • €17.00 (EUR)
  • £14.00 (GBP)
Out of stock
- More expected in 4 weeks.

Want to see what you can do with Locked-In colours? Have a look at this article where we play with Pravana Locked-In and test just how well the colours stay put: Hair Dyeing Fun with Pravana Locked-In


For the most vibrant results, apply directly to pre-lightened dry or slightly damp hair (pale blonde is best). It’s best to shampoo with a clarifying shampoo but avoid using conditioner before application.

Wear protective gloves and avoid getting colour on skin as staining may occur. To achieve an even coverage we recommend applying the product using a tint brush. More than one tube will be required for medium-long or very thick hair. It’s always better to have plenty of dye available but if you buy too much you’re welcome to return any unused product for a refund (please see our returns policy for details).

Do not mix with developer. Allow the product to soak into your hair for at least 15 minutes (most people wait at least 30 minutes) before rinsing with warm water. Please remember to carry out a strand and sensitivity test before use.

  • If you have a question about this product, please contact us or ask in our forum.

  • Ingredients ⮣

  • Precautions

    Before use carry out a strand test and sensitivity test. Please check the product packaging for an up-to-date ingredients listing.

    This product will temporarily stain skin and nails and can permanently stain porous surfaces such as textiles, wood, stone etc. so please take precautions to avoid product coming in contact with such surfaces.

    Keep away from eyes. For external use only. Keep away from children and pets.

Reviews of Pravana Locked-In Pink

  • I'm currently sat with this on my head and feeling very excited about seeing the final results! The consistency is so strange - a bit like thick hair gel or wallpaper paste and it is transparent which takes a bit of getting used to, but is applies very easily, doesn't drip and personally I find the smell of it divine. :)
  • Katox do you have any images/opinions of this product?! X
  • I don't normally leave reviews on products but felt I had to with this.. I've just used this pink and absolutely would not recommend to anyone! It left a horrible residue on my hair that felt like glue. Washed it 3 times with regular shampoo and it still wouldn't shift and I struggled to brush my hair even after shampooing and conditioning - to the point where my hair was actually snapping. Washed a further 3 times with a clarifying shampoo which has removed the residue further (but not fully), but unfortunately this has stripped the majority of the beautiful colour that I initially had :( Total waste of time and money! Stick with Directions/Manic Panic!
  • I have used every brand on the market. I've been especially loving Stargazer in Shocking Pink, and Adore's Pink Blush (my favourite dye ever). I've had pink hair for over 4 years... so I thought that I might as well try a permanent dye... DONT. At least not this specific one. As the previous comment mentions, it leaves your hair disgustingly waxy. I wanted, for winter, to go a bit darker and exploit the locked-in aspect of this product by keeping my roots naturally black, then add some purple to create a nice fade into the pink... granted I've been washing my hair for a week every other day to try and get rid of the stickiness... but the purple completely faded into the pink and now I have a weird and disgusting blue-grey colour. The pink isn't even vibrant or pastel, even when just rinsed. It's just dull. It will leave your hair dull too. My hair is usually very shiny and soft but now it's just dull and stiff and dry... do yourself a favour and don't purchase this product.

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