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Pravana Blue


A deeply pigmented, luxurious royal blue. Pravana Vivids Blue will add shine and long-lasting, rich colour to bleached hair.

  • Non-damaging, conditioning colour
  • Not tested on animals
  • Long-lasting, semi-permanent
  • 90ml
  • Vivid results on bleached hair
  • No peroxide or ammonia
$19.00 (USD)
  • €17.00 (EUR)
  • £14.00 (GBP)
Out of stock
- More expected in 4 weeks.


Apply directly to pre-lightened hair using a tint brush and avoiding getting colour on your scalp. Do not mix with peroxide. Allow to process for at least 20-40 minutes before rinsing or for increased vibrancy apply to hair, cover with a plastic cap and allow to process under a hooded dryer for 20 minutes.

Further instructions can be found inside Pravana’s outer packaging.

  • If you have a question about this product, please contact us or ask in our forum.

  • Ingredients ⮣

  • Precautions

    May cause skin irritation. A preliminary patch test should be carried out prior to application. Apply a small amount of product to the skin on the inside of your elbow 24 hours before use. If irritation occurs do not proceed with colouring your hair.

    Do not mix ChromaSilk Vivids with peroxide.

    Keep away from children and pets. For professional use only.

    Do not use on eyebrows, eyelashes or body hair.

    May cause staining to skin, hair, nails, fabrics and other porous surfaces.

    Further details can be found on the product's outer packaging.

Reviews of Pravana Blue

  • This is a very pretty blue. It works well over medium-toned hair, makes hair a nice navy blue.
  • what do you mean by medium toned hair? so your hair doesn't have to be platinum for this color to show? @Monday_Mae
  • Gorgeous colour! works best on pale blonde hair, unless you don't mind it looking teal-ish(which is also a pretty colour). Doesn't rub off on ANYTHING which is the first time I've experienced something like that with a darker dye. So far, the staying power seems to be pretty good, but i have only washed my hair once since i dyed it. It didn't fade one bit though.
  • love this so much, quick and great. i use mine on 2 lifted sessions in a salon, AFTER i did henna ( which i would never recommend , EVER ). so yeah anything that henna has touched its so hard to get color on it. lifted twice did the trick though. it turned more green and teal then blue though, which i dont even mind. but just a warning!
  • Bleached to a level 9 and left the dye in for 30 minutes. Two weeks in and it has barely faded. Very happy with this blue so far. Will be using it again for sure.
  • Can you dilute this to make a pastel blue?
  • This was a gorgeous vibrant blue in my hair and lasted for a ridiculously long time.
  • Did anyone else find it didn't rub off on anything? I had ordered Pravana locked-in blue to mix in with locked-in purple (which is very pink on my hair, some of which is bleached, some grey/silver, some still dark) but received Pravana vivids blue instead. If it doesn't rub off then I might stick with that, although I do like the gloss finish the locked-in colours give.
  • @duckaducka, the green might well have been caused by the previous henna, even thought it had been lifted. It can have this effect for ages after using it, apparently, as I discovered when I decided to stop using henna and shift to rainbow colours.
  • About henna: I've dyed over hennaed hair with MP and SFX, but only when I was going for *red.* I've never had real problems with hennaed hair, but given I'd chosen to only life to level 4, that's what often gave me a runoff issue. Henna is more permanent than PPD based dyes, and really gets up in the cuticle. If you don't want your color to run at all, just don't henna. But if you want a red with some interesting dimension, a light henna gloss will be enough. As for using this under a blue dye -- don't do that. As for this Pravana blue, it's now on my "list for Human Trafficking Awareness Month hair." This looks like the kind of blue I'm looking for that fits the ribbon color and my skin tone. <3

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