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Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise


This is a vivid, true turquoise colour, from Manic Panic. A bright blue turquoise (not too teal), it’s an essential for your dye stash! Creates an amazing jewel toned bright blue when applied to pale blonde hair!

  • 118ml
  • Includes multi-language instructions
  • Conditioning, semi-permanent colour
  • Not tested on animals, suitable for Vegans
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Atomic Turquoise has gone from a soft pastel turquoise to a more intense and vibrant turquoise in recent years which we think is a great improvement. It lasts extremely well on bleached hair (more than 6 weeks in our tests) and fades out wonderfully to a delicate pastel blue when applied to a pale blonde base.

A perfect pure Cyan colour, Atomic Turquoise makes a great mixer to create custom shades of purple and green and blends superbly with other shades to create gradients/ombre/colour melts.

This is a fantastic staple to keep in your dye collection! We keep returning to this colour again and again because the results are always flawless!


For best results apply to hair that has been pre-lightened to pale blonde. Do not mix with peroxide.

Shampoo hair using a deep cleansing shampoo. Apply to freshly washed, dry hair. Apply evenly using a tint brush and comb through until frothy. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and leave for 30 minutes. You can apply heat to intensify the process.

Rinse with cold water, away from your face.

  • If you have a question about this product, please contact us or ask in our forum.

  • Ingredients ⮣

  • Precautions

    Always do a preliminary strand and patch test before applying. Avoid contact with eyes. To avoid staining your hands, wear plastic gloves when applying. Do not use on eyelashes or eyebrows. May temporarily stain skin, may stain blonde and porous hair, may permanently stain clothes and other materials. Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

Reviews of Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise

  • It's best on white hair, but if you cannot get your hair white blonde, keep the dye in for at LEAST an hour. It'll be more blue than if you left it in for 30min. Otherwise its greenish.
  • I loved atomic turquoise! Although, I got told I looked like a peacock, and it got called green alot...if you check my pictures, you will see it didn't come out green! Definately going to do this color again!
  • This is probably my least favorite color I've experimented with. I don't know what the deal is... the first time I used it, I paired it with a darker shade of blue, and a deep purple, and it looked really awesome because it acted as highlights - and looked more blue than green. After that first time though, the turquoise always turned out a washed out looking green in my hair. I don't know why... I tried to give it another chance, but again, got an awful looking green. Maybe one day I'll come back to it and see if my hair has changed its mind, because I really loved the first color I had with it.
  • This is usually my backup/goto dye - if anything goes wrong with another dye, then I'll just throw some atomic turquoise on it. (It has even covered up a beyond the zone purple that turned came out blue and gray.) It does tend to reflect the amount of yellow in the hair beforehand, but it can produce really beautiful results because of that. Depending on the person it may not last long - but for me it has sometimes lasted for months (with freshly bleached hair, leaving the color on for four hours, using some heat to process, and always rinsing/washing in cold water).
  • I've used this dye and I do have to say it is the most interesting dye I've ever used. On medium blonde hair it turned an emeraldy-teal color (BEAUTIFUL <3), on light/white hair it turns the true turquoise, and on yellow-blonde hair (a bit brassy I will add) it turns straight up GREEN. If I always want to surprise myself I go to this color :)
  • The initial bright blue color comes off quickly but what is left is a true turquoise color. This also looked great as a pastel shade when I mixed it with conditioner.
  • Love it!! my hair was a bit darker than probably should have been, mostly the bits where Atomic pink special effects wouldn't come out fully. It went greener at the roots and then a more bluey turquoise futher down. The two-tone looked cool though. Only switching now as I'm going swimming weekly and the chlorine has sent it a washed out shade of green. Awsome colour though and it did last 2 weeks before swimming as a nice vivid shade of turquoise. :)
  • This is a great color. I did not bleach as light as I could have before applying this, so there was definitely a green tint to the color that grew a bit more pronounced as it faded. It was still a lovely color, and I even enjoyed the faded look- a kind of light sea green color. Certainly one to leave in over night and wash in cool water if you don't want to be retouching it every other week.
  • Not worth using unless your hair is super bleached, must be pale and porous. Turns green very easily if your hair has any yellow in it, it's a finicky colour that I've never been able to get ~perfect~.
  • my hair was black and i couldnt bleach it properly X< it turned out a weird but cool green it was veeeery hard to get rid of it again
  • Hey guys, its my first time being here, just wanna know if my hair on my profile picture, if you guys know what color that will turn into?
  • "This is a delicate, true turquoise colour" On my off-white hair, not at all like the delicate coloured swatch, in fact very similar to Directions Turquoise - a robust dark blue-green, which takes ages to fade, and not a clear shade either, especially when overdyed again. I don't know what I'm doing to get such dark colours on whiteish hair!
  • I like this particular turquoise a lot. It looks amazing when diluted a lot, making a lovely mint and is a nice medium turquoise when used neat :D
  • I live for this colour! The amplified version is the only dye I've tried so far that actually sticks to my hair and doesn't change to some horrible shade after a few washes. Lifting my hair to a pale yellow seem good enough for this colour though it does pick up on any uneven tones, as any dye would do.

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