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Directions Plum


One of our most popular Directions hair colours, Plum is a wonderful deep purple shade! Since it’s so highly pigmented, this dye sticks around for a long time when applied to bleached hair giving it a rich, lustrous shine. Plum may even give a tint to unbleached hair.

  • 88ml
  • Conditioning formula
  • Long-lasting, semi-permanent
  • Not tested on animals
$6.50 (USD)
  • €6.00 (EUR)
  • £4.50 (GBP)
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Plum is a very pigmented and packed with colour. It leaves bleached hair a looking sleek and glossy with plenty of shine! Since there’s so much pigment in this dye, expect it to temporarily stain your skin, shower when rinsing and it may rub off onto clothing and bedding even when dry. We recommend taking precautions like applying Vaseline to your skin to prevent staining, wearing vinyl gloves when washing your hair, and using dark clothing and old bedding until the colour settles after 1 or 2 weeks.

Like many purples, Plum bleaches out to green and will also go green if a colour remover or any oxidative process is used to try and remove it, so it’s best to allow this colour to fade out naturally.


Directions works best on hair that has been pre-lightened to pale blonde. Some paler shades as well as toners will only work on very light hair. Apply directly to dry or slightly damp, freshly washed (but not conditioned hair) using a tint brush for best results, or use gloved fingers to spread the dye evenly through your hair. Allow to process for at least 15 minutes and do not allow to dry out. Rinse thoroughly. To avoid temporary staining to the skin, apply a layer of Vaseline around your hairline and ears before applying the colour.

  • If you have a question about this product, please contact us or ask in our forum.

  • Ingredients ⮣

  • Precautions

    Caution: This product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals and preliminary test is advised before use on a sensitive area. If product comes in contact with eyes rinse immediately with water. This product may not be used for dyeing eyelashes or eyebrows; to do so may cause blindness.

    Do not mix with peroxide.

    If colour comes in contact with textiles or porous surfaces it may cause permanent staining. Always wear latex or vinyl gloves when applying colour to avoid temporary staining of hands and nails. Colour may permanently stain bleached or previously coloured hair.

    Colour may stain sinks, bathtubs and showers but this can be easily removed with normal household bleach.

Reviews of Directions Plum

  • I LOVE this stuff! I've had my hair purple for about two months already and the color is still going strong. Mine is actually a little deeper than the picture on here (yes, it was applied to light blonde hair), so it's a nice royal purple. The only part that hasn't worked out so well so far is my roots, but that's mainly because I haven't bleached them, and used a different brand to touch them up. The only complaint I have, is that it turned EVERYTHING purple, no matter what I did. Even if it just got wet, the water would run purple. It did that for the first month, so I had to put a towel over my shirt if I got it wet to style it. It will also stain your fingernails when you wash and/or rinse, but I found nail polish remover helps get rid of most of it if it's a bother. The dye went in smoothly, and I managed to cover my thick hair (it's down to my shoulders) with just a jar and a half. I don't recommend washing it out in the shower. It's a better idea to use a sink or something. Even just the water will stain your skin when you first rinse out the dye. So if you have to use the shower, avoid letting the water run over your face. Again, a very wonderful product. I don't think I'm ever going back to the red I had before. The purple is way too awesome!
  • I agree, this purple is a lot deeper than the picture, thogh it does fade to something like that. Just to add to that review, its fading qualities are awesome, it turned a really nice colour with me. Although yes the purple dye going EVERYWHERE is a big hassle, I managed to dye a headboard in a hotel...and the shower curtain, bath, and towels and pillowcase... I would deduct a point for that, but the colour is so shiny, rich and just such a nice purple that I'm no going to.
  • i have had some part off my hair this colour for over six months and i have only used 2 jars in that time its a realy strong colour and a little goes a very long way and its an amazing colour and fades niceley to !!! but if you have white bath towlels white shower and white bed linen theb be warned it wont be white for much longer !!!!! even when the hair was dry if it was freshly dyed the purple would rub off onto everything and many white tshirts are ruined from whering em to gigs and sweat makeing the color run but i would advise it to everyone and anyone who loves purple hair :D !!!!!!
  • Amazing value - one tub will dye your whole house purple for months.... Goes with everything, mixes with other shades, lasts forever, and is forgiving on hair that isn't perfectly bleached. If only all dyes could be this good :o)
  • this dye lasts soo long it has stayed the same deep purple color in my hair for over 2 weeks now and i am surprised it hasnt started to fade with the amount of dye seems to come out when i wash it :) although it does have a tendancy to bleed into other colours i have dyed my hair with this plum and the turquoise and the plum is out living it it has blead slightly into the turquoise but its mainly on my upper layers and on the other parts of my hair not being my roots :)
  • oh also it turned my forehead purple for like 5 days
  • Although the colour is amazing and it lasts forever I have to say I don't think I will ever use this dye again, it bleeds FAR too much. I'm living with a nice family from the church at the moment and this succeeded in dying most of their bathroom a pale purple .... most of my skin purple, all of my towels purple and I seriously doubt ears will never be their natural colour again. Use carefully!
  • Really good coverage. It left the bleached parts of my hair a gorgeous bright purple, and even covered up some bleaching sins. Also has good staying power on naturally dark hair. Last a good 6 weeks before it needed a touch-up. Only problem being that I had to scrub the bathroom immediately after rinsing, as it made my bathtub a nice lilac colour.
  • Well.............I got my mum to put this on my hair this morning, aaand I've gotta say, it's come out fucking amazing :D looks dark dark purply/black indoors and bright purple outdoors....only thing is when i rinsed it out of my hair, it turned my face, some of my neck, ears and pretty much all my hands purple. D: D: (using nail polish remover/wipes and baby wipes really does work). It really, and I mean REALLY, bleeds a lot, 'cause umm well it turned my mum's shower walls and shower floor, shower head purple X__X and I also suceeded in leaving a big plum/purple hand print or two on her pale cream bathroom wall..but yea lol apart from that, it really is an awesome dye, I'd reccomend it to anyone ^^
  • i agree - lovely colour but i didnt want co-ordinating face, ears, chest, arms, legs, feet...need i go on...i even have purple underarm hair!!!! i must say...i regret this now as its too dark but looking at the posts i think im gonna have to live with it - unless anyone can tell me how to get rid? ooh also dyed my pale pink leather pandora bracelt - my husbands gonna go mental when he sees it! any suggestions?
  • Great colour and lasted ages. Very dark at first and went more vibrant the more it was washed. A bit of washing with household bleach cleans the bath and tiles, so no worries there. Towels had no lasting dye on them when washed, though a bit harder to get out of on my leather sofa ;)
  • the best purple out there, bleeds like hell, but fades and shines and looks like a goddess.
  • it came out pretty dark, but after a week it started fading to a brighter purple. It is indeed a lovely colour, but my tips are a little grey-ish and my hairline is blonde, which is not what I wanted. It bleeds alot & all my towels are purple now, just like my bathtube and sink.I also recommend putting creme on your forehead and ears before you dye your hair with that colour. BUT I recommend this colour :) it lasts longer than any other colour I've tried and the colour is vibrant and lovely :)
  • I didn't bleach my hair so it came out pretty dark but still is a lovely deep purple. In the light it's much more vibrant and a lovely colour! However, the reviews are right, it did stain everything. I went to bed with dry hair and my pillow is purple! It also stained my bath. So I recommend the colour but only if you're happy to scrub your tub for a while afterwards! I left the dye in for an hour and blow dried the dye into my hair. Will see how long it lasts! :)
  • As everyone else has said, the dye really does bleed a hell of a lot! I read reviews before dying but never expected it to be quite this bad! However, if you're prepared it's not too bad, and mine only bleeds while washing, once its towel dry it seems to be fine! =) The colour itself is beautiful, darker than I expected even on bleached hair, but I love it! It darkened my natural hair, so I'm thinking next time maybe I'll go black and purple! x) I would recommend it, but just make sure you wash in the sink or with a hand shower and have something to clean the bath/sink with immediately after dying! And have a few purple towels!
  • LOVE this colour, this one has kept it's colour the best out of the ones I have used. And a Little defiantly goes a long way. Will be using this again!
  • Amazing color !
  • can anyone tell me what this fades to on bleached hair if it is never touched up? like will it fade to a pale purple/white tint, or will it go grey?
  • i diluted this more than half with conditioner and it still came out super bright and relatively dark considering how diluted it was. left it over night and when i rinsed it out practically no dye washed out! no problems at all with staining pillows, towels, skin, bathroom ect when diluted :D really love this
  • I dyed this color on my ombreblond hair, and I got a darkpurple colour. It's very pretty but I've got some problems with washing it out ! It's stays on the bathroom floor and sink, does anybody have a solution for this ? and when I've touched it my hands are blue, help me please :)
  • after a couple of weeks this color fade into seaweed green, everyyone think this color is more beautiful than the purple, so I don't mind, but it's just a hint !
  • Starts as a really dark purple that covers up my bad bleaching job and makes my black roots go unnoticed. After 4/5 washes looks like midnight blue and then fades to a bright green. The bleeding wasn't as bad as I expected except for my bathtube (bleach solved the problem). Even though I used a diluted version of it (50/50) it covered everything up and lasted for ages. I'll be using Plum again since it's a low maintenance beautiful colour.
  • This is a WONDERFUL purple dye. But if you mix it with other shades it takes over EVERYTHING. I mixed just a bit with Directions Flamingo Pink and conditioner and I have fuchsia hair (was hoping for a little bit more pink). Still a gorgeous shade!
  • does anyone think this color would cover an orangish bleach job?
  • I used this on my unbleached hair which is dark but greying, especially at the front. It did nothing for the dark hair but clung beautifully to the white hairs and is a lovely vibrant colour for the first few washes then fades slowly to a pale mauve. I mixed it with an equal amount of conditioner and have had no problems with bleeding.
  • 25/04/14 - since the re formulation of Plum it has turned my hair a rather unattractive blue/green colour. I stuck with it for six months thinking it was just a 'bad batch'. However by the time I'd mixed enough red tone in (Rose Red) to stop my hair being bluey-green it was dark pink, which defeats the object of a purple hair dye. Sadly I've had to give up on Plum Directions, after 23 years.
  • It came out too dark but I liked it.
  • Really like this color, it's a very deep purple, a bit dark, but I love it so much!
  • new formula is definatly more blue than purple, and faded a torquise colour on me. a beautiful blue tho, its actually my new favourite colour :) lasts well, i found straight after dying it (i diluted it by more than half) it was a dark glossy blue with both purple and torquise tones in it, and after about 2 washes it lost the purple and now 2 weeks later it is a mix of a medium true blue and a lovely torqoise
  • i absolutely love this dye. the colour is really vibrant and bold, exactly what i wanted when i was looking for a purple hair dye. it does stain things though, so be careful with that, i had to wash off my bath tub with bleach to get rid of it. all the same, im extremely happy with how this turned out!
  • LOVED the vibrancy of this dye, but after about 2/3 washes it became blue. Fading also turned in light blue & some kind of mint/seafoam colour. Gorgeous in the beginning, (stubborn) blue till the end..
  • I really really LOVED this colour on my hair but I'm pretty sure it stained my ends. Went and got it professionally bleached (changing colour to Alpine Green) and after three bleaches; it wouldn't come out, turned green ALL over and there were still patches of the purple. I guess you could say its a colour you need to commit to!
  • It faded out to a hideous bright green that would not come out with Vitamic C soap caps, hot oil treatments, or re-bleaching. Even when it was purple, it didn't last long or have a very strong color, even though I applied it to bleached hair that had been virgin before. I would not recommend this purple at all. Find a pink based purple, not this cheap one.
  • This green fade has really ruined my plans for silver hair and pastel colors, I was all hyped up to bleach my hair and finally dye it and I made the mistake of using plum. Boy this green doesn't come out and only darkens what was supposed to be bleached hair, I've tried everything and even bleached the green and it's still there. I put cerise over it which resulted in new growth being bright pink and the rest of my hair ears down being dark pink that barely fades due to the green base. It was a huge regret to buy this color without searching more, it's been nine months and it completely ruined my hair dye ''adventure''.
  • Plum may not be as forgiving a dye as Atlantic Blue and Cerise, but it comes out as a delightful vibrant shade of purple on a light enough base. It stayed on quite well too, though after a few weeks it started fading towards blue. The parts of my hair that were still a bit orange after bleaching turned out brown-ish under Plum, so for this dye to work best it may require a pure "inside of a banana" base colour. For me Plum worked like a charm when I mixed in a little bit of Atlantic Blue, this helped cover up the strands that hadn't bleached so well and it gained a little more staying power too. Diluting Plum with some conditioner made it bleed less, and the result was a bright purple shade, similar to the swatch (like many other Directions dyes, Plum comes out quite dark undiluted). Plum isn't one of those dyes I'll always have as a staple in my cupboard, since I've later achieved nicer shades of purple by making my own mix, but as far as the ready made purple dyes go, this one is ok in my book :)
  • Horribly green fade, within two washes. The later reviews mention the reformulation doing this, I wish I knew about this site when I first tried it so I could have avoided the disappointment!
  • I’ve just applied this over a pinky light purple and boy do I wish I had read the reviews first. This stuff gets EVERYWHERE and I do mean everywhere. It turned my bath blue/purple, my forehead is stained (that even neat bleach wouldn’t remove) and my rinsing hand was bright blue like a dark Smurf. This comes out much darker than the picture when used neat, it’s not what I was expecting to be honest. I assumed plum would be more of a pink undertoned purple but it’s more of a strong blue purple that leans towards violet. I wished I had known this as I’ve only just gotten rid of the greens and blues in my hair but I guess you live and learn. It is a nice colour though having said all that but it’s definitely a colour I feel you need to commit to.

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