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Directions Fluorescent Glow


Have your sunglasses at the ready for this extremely bright neon yellow hair dye! Fluorescent Glow is a very unnatural, very vibrant yellow hair colour for bleached hair. And as if it wasn’t bright enough in daylight, this colour actually glows under UV light!

  • 88ml
  • Thick consistency hair colour
  • Easy to apply
  • Non-damaging
  • Long-lasting semi-permanent
  • For bleached hair
  • Not tested on animals
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Fluorescent Glow is an amazingly versatile colour and works brilliantly as a standalone colour or as a mixer to create brighter, glowing shades of turquoise, green, orange or red. Mix a dab of Flo Glow with a bright blue to create turquoise, add a bit more yellow to make a vibrant, glowing green or mix with small amount of bright pink to make orange or add more pink to create a really luminous red!

Like all yellows, this colour is only going to work well if your hair has been bleached to light blonde before application. It has a tendency to photograph with a green tint but this is not usually visible in person. Although if you have any leftover tint from your last colour then it will affect the colour result. It’s best to start with a base colour that’s as close to blonde as possible.

It glows light a highlighter pen under UV and is extremely bright in normal light. Fluorescent pigments can be difficult to remove (they don’t respond well to colour remover), so the best method for removing this colour is to let it wash out.

Check out the articles where we’ve used this colour to see just how bright it is, though it’s even brighter in real life!


Directions works best on hair that has been pre-lightened to pale blonde. Some paler shades as well as toners will only work on very light hair. Apply directly to dry or slightly damp, freshly washed (but not conditioned hair) using a tint brush for best results, or use gloved fingers to spread the dye evenly through your hair. Allow to process for at least 15 minutes and do not allow to dry out. Rinse thoroughly. To avoid temporary staining to the skin, apply a layer of Vaseline around your hairline and ears before applying the colour.

  • If you have a question about this product, please contact us or ask in our forum.

  • Ingredients ⮣

  • Precautions

    Caution: This product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals and preliminary test is advised before use on a sensitive area. If product comes in contact with eyes rinse immediately with water. This product may not be used for dyeing eyelashes or eyebrows; to do so may cause blindness.

    Do not mix with peroxide.

    If colour comes in contact with textiles or porous surfaces it may cause permanent staining. Always wear latex or vinyl gloves when applying colour to avoid temporary staining of hands and nails. Colour may permanently stain bleached or previously coloured hair.

    Colour may stain sinks, bathtubs and showers but this can be easily removed with normal household bleach.

Reviews of Directions Fluorescent Glow

  • Used this on pale blonde extensions and it doesn't look extremely florescent when dry, and I imagine it would fade quickly on real hair. Really nice yellow though!
  • veery bright on my bleached platinum-like hair. mached perfectly with napalm orange from sfx! fades quickly under the sun and is easy to bleach out, but stays long if you have an eye on it! (:
  • Good bright dye. It's a yellow with a green shine.. As Barbiie said, if you take good care of it it will last long.
  • I used this with directions manderin, it looks great. smells a bit like playdoh when its being put on, and doesnt glow under uv very long but stays around a few weeks and easy to re-dye onto lightened hair. Also mixes well with directions daffodil to give it a little more substance.
  • Without a doubt this is the dye that I've bought most pots of over time. Not only is it great on its own, it looks amazing as streaks with another colour & provides an unusual base for mixing. Since it's neon you can mix it with pink to get a shade comparable with napalm orange. It's even better to mix it with blue though, as you can get anything from acid green to an unusual forest green to a punchy turquoise. I can't reccomend this colour enough. It seems to be more forgiving on base colour than electric banana & is easier to apply as it's not runny.
  • I used this on some light blonde hair extensions... this is such a cool hair dye! It shines brighter than a tennis ball in the sun, but if you look at the hair on an angle, it's crazy green. It is exactly as the name suggests; gives a fluorescent glow. The longer you leave it, the better the colour.
  • This dye is amazing! I currently have a rainbow but most people comment on how bright and unusual this yellow is. After a week it is starting to fade at the ends but I wash my hair every other day so I'm used to topping colour up every fortnight. Will definitely be keeping this colour in my hair for a while.
  • I mixed this color with turquoise until I reached a light minty green shade, and then applied it to a pale blonde base. It is the most freakishly fluorescent color I've ever had, even brighter than SFX Napalm Orange. It still looks yellow on my hair, though, so I'm not sure what the turquoise did. It's a very powerful color and doesn't fade too easily, so that's great. Oh, and it's the most fabulous thing to look at under a black light. :)
  • Amazing color!
  • I started out using this colour a while back and I've never had any reason to try any of the other neon yellows available. It comes up a fabulous bright yellow, the UV is gorgeous and when you want to get the colour out it does so like a dream (I've heard stories about neverending yellow with some of the other brands!)

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