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Directions Ebony


Need to cover up your unnatural hair colour for a couple of weeks? Maybe you want to contrast your colour with some darker sections but don’t want the commitment of permanent colour. This dye is ideal for covering most shades with a semi-permanent black. It starts out a deep black colour and gradually fades out to pale purple/blue. For the best coverage use plenty of dye.

  • 88ml
  • Long lasting semi-permanent
  • Conditioning colour
  • For bleached/pre-lightened/colour-treated hair
  • Not tested on animals
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A great colour to have in your dye stash, Ebony is perfect for creating contrasting tones for colour effects like galaxy hair, oil colours, or creating a dark background to make other colours really pop. Use it to create the effect of dark roots in an ombre style or add a black under-layer to give depth to your style. It’s perfect as a temporary cover up for attending interviews or events where there’s a dress code requiring natural coloured hair.

Since Ebony is so dark it may take several weeks to completely fade out of your hair, so although it doesn’t require the same commitment as permanent colour, you will have to live with it for a few weeks.

It’s the same conditioning formula as the other Directions shades so it won’t damage already fragile hair. This also means you can apply the same fading methods that you would usually use when you’re ready to move on. Avoid bleaching out Ebony; it’s made up of several colours and is likely to turn a range of unusual shades when oxidised. We recommend washing out the colour or using other fading methods that don’t require bleach powder or developer.

You’ll need to be careful when washing your hair as like most dark colours, Ebony has a tendency to run.

This colour might leave a slight tint on natural hair but results will vary and it may create an unexpected colour like blue or purple when applied to natural hair so keep this in mind. Always do a strand test to make sure you’re happy with the outcome.

You can also use Ebony to refresh and add shine to faded permanent black.

Overall a really versatile colour!


Directions works best on hair that has been pre-lightened to pale blonde. Some paler shades as well as toners will only work on very light hair. Apply directly to dry or slightly damp, freshly washed (but not conditioned hair) using a tint brush for best results, or use gloved fingers to spread the dye evenly through your hair. Allow to process for at least 15 minutes and do not allow to dry out. Rinse thoroughly. To avoid temporary staining to the skin, apply a layer of Vaseline around your hairline and ears before applying the colour.

  • If you have a question about this product, please contact us or ask in our forum.

  • Ingredients ⮣

  • Precautions

    Caution: This product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals and preliminary test is advised before use on a sensitive area. If product comes in contact with eyes rinse immediately with water. This product may not be used for dyeing eyelashes or eyebrows; to do so may cause blindness.

    Do not mix with peroxide.

    If colour comes in contact with textiles or porous surfaces it may cause permanent staining. Always wear latex or vinyl gloves when applying colour to avoid temporary staining of hands and nails. Colour may permanently stain bleached or previously coloured hair.

    Colour may stain sinks, bathtubs and showers but this can be easily removed with normal household bleach.

Reviews of Directions Ebony

  • Ebony dyed my hair a very dark blue and lasted about a month before fading to a green-grey mess. With that said it is the best veggie black that I have used. The first time it is washed it runs quite a bit so perhaps it is not the best choice for those who have a layer of another colour beneath.
  • I have just used ebony again since I used it last year as streaks in pillarbox red. On the red it came out a nice black and faded to purple (so purple and pink worked well as faded colours). This time I have used it to cover a washed out yellow and it has gone a strange blue-green colour. It looks nice enough and dark, and gives a lot of high and low-lights.
  • I used this colour over a faded blue on my fringe and my tips, and it turned a gorgeous deep black. After 3 weeks my tips went a still gorgeous medium blue and my fringe went a dark forrest green. However, my tips are quite damaged and porous, so I guess the colour will fade slower on more healthy hair.
  • If you want black, make sure you use A LOT of this. I used only some the first time and it turned a deep purple (over the top of my Blue velvet fudge dye). I found MPs Raven a bit more effective in jet black-ness.
  • My hair is quite thick and I tend to use a lot of dye, but I was very impressed with this. I used about 2/3 of a pot and it came out a beautiful blue-black. Beware though, it will keep rinsing out in the shower whenever you wash it, so just get out and dry, you're not going to win. It lasted about 2 weeks as black, then faded to a lovely deep blue, and has continued to fade nicely. Four weeks in and I'm still happy. My last wash was the only time it didn't bleed in the shower. You could probably mix in a little orange or red dye to make it a more natural black.
  • Oh, I forgot to add, it will eat over other colours. Blues and cool greens will last longer as Ebony leaves a blue-green stain, but it will turn pinks into purple even from washing and towelling. I assume oranges would go brown with this so be careful with your placement.
  • I used ebony over my light blonde color and it went to an absolutely gorgeous jet black! it was so shiny and left my hair looking healthier. it was black for about 2/3 weeks then faded to a lovely deep green color. i recommend this dye to anyone because it lasts such a long time and has very even coverage.
  • I would actually call the dye 'unexpected rainbow'. For me it started out as pitch black, but then washed out as a blue, green, purple, and red spectrum. This is a very cool dye and I'm sure I'm not the first to experience a 'rainbow' effect after a few washes.
  • Used this on the underlayer of my fringe over barely faded streaks of violet and turquoise. The ebony covered the previous colours perfectly and has stayed pure black for about 2 weeks and a couple of washes. Some strands have started to fade into a dark blue but I'm guessing that's cause some sections tend to be washed twice (washing the black and the red separately as they both bleed quite a bit), as the main part is still jet black. Overall, I'm very happy with this colour! :)
  • i really like this dye. it went on black, then faded to a really dark purple after 1 wash, then went blue when i bleached it out. its good for if you just want black hair for a few days, like i did (:
  • 1) I hate my hairdressers always have. So when my friends said Jade go a det your hair stripped professionally I thought what could possibly go wrong? Well, the stripper turned my hair green and my natural roots yellow! I was fuming, they said it was normal and that a mahogany would do it right. A week later the mahogany washed out and left my roots red and ends green again. I then decided buy this dye and it's still a shade of red in my roots and the rest is black with a purple tint to it. So much better than my cabbage head.

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