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Crazy Color Fire


Crazy Color’s Fire is a super bright true pillarbox red hair colour and a very popular shade. This semi-permanent dye gives a vibrant glossy effect to bleached hair and will refresh faded permanent red.

  • 100ml
  • Semi-permanent
  • Use on bleached hair or as a refresher over permanent red
  • Not tested on animals
$6.00 (USD)
  • €5.00 (EUR)
  • £4.00 (GBP)
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Apply directly to damp or dry hair using a tint brush for best results. Wear protective gloves to avoid temporary staining to skin and nails. Massage the product into your hair and allow to process for at least 15 minutes. Cover with a cap to avoid drying out. Rinse thoroughly in warm water.

  • If you have a question about this product, please contact us or ask in our forum.

  • Ingredients ⮣

  • Precautions

    Crazy Colour should be used exactly as supplied without the addition of any other substance - it does not require a developer. For the brightest results the hair must be bleached to pale blond. Platinum and Silver will only work on very light hair.

    Do not use Crazy Colour on hair containing more than 10% white. Do not add peroxide. Do not mix with permanent colourants.

    Colours may cause permanent staining on textiles and porous surfaces. Staining to baths, sinks and showers can be removed with household bleach. Always check manufacturer's instructions.

Reviews of Crazy Color Fire

  • Easily my favourite colour! This long lasting, cheap, little staining dye is truly amazing. In natural light my hair was exactly like the colour swatch above, in bright light it was the hottes pink toned red. Excellent on bleached and natural hair, a must as this dye easily gives SFX a run for its money!
  • Fantastic dye - first one I ever used and I'm buying more now. Applied over bleached hair, and then topped up on faded fire. Very bright, strong colour, lasts well. In different lights colour ranged from bright orange through red and apparently into pink (I think the pink must have been the faded colour, I never really saw it as pink). I highly recommend it!
  • Definately my favourite dye. No matter what colour i go to, i always come back to this one. It's bright, catches the light amazingly... fades to a neon pink, then an extremely vibrant orange colour and lasts so long. The only down side is it stained my bath pretty badly, but it was so worth it.
  • rubbish lasts A week but nice colour wen first apllied
  • Fantastic colour. Finally found the colour of red I had searched ages. 1st application wasn't as bright as I had hoped but that has nothing to do with the dye my hair was previosly black and I only applied bleach once 2 lift it out. I have now applied it again and it is the brightest most beautiful red. I have recommended it to all my friends.
  • Great red that fades to a red pink (no orange yeey!) . It has been my color for almost half a year. Love it, and it is quite easy to get rid of the color when wanted.
  • i used it on previously dyed red hair (with a home hair dye, so it was a bit dark and faded to orange) and it's amazing! the color covered the orange and made my dark red really bright. it faded fast, in about 3-4 washes, but really nice!
  • can not wait to get this colour!!!!
  • Beautiful colour, but the red faded really quickly in my bleached hair. Faded to a bright pink, then a really crazy neon pink, and then to a light pink that kind of looked like I coloured my hair with a pink highlighter pen, which I really didn't like. But all in all a nice colour. Watch out though. It lights up in UV-light. I went to a club and when the light hit my hair my friends could see my head from across the huge room.
  • I loved the colour, but like most Crazy Colors they fade quickly - I was easily going through a bottle a week because I like it to be vivid and rich. I wash my hair most days however
  • My natural hair color is dark brown, i colored it with intensive red- Olia of Garnier (6.6) and now its something between red brown - Red Eggplant..does the fire red could make any significant change on my non -bleached hair? i just want something between pillarbox red and wine vampire red, not the red as shown here in the pictures which is on bleached hair i guess...does someone tried it before on brown hair? or mix it with another color? like pinkissimo maybe? or with the amplified vampire red of Manic Panic? thanks!
  • Is a very nice colour but now I use usually rubine.
  • Today came in my hair color. I couldn't wait for trying this out because I Latvia we don't have very big choice of reds. All are "mainstream red". Color came out super bright. I am loving it. <3
  • fantastic
  • Beautiful vibrant red colour, but sadly when you wash you watch your stunning red hair colour go down the plug hole
  • I don't normally do red hair dye's as the skin on my face (mostly cheecks) is reddish. I did try this colour over bleached hair (used a box of garnier nutrisse truly blonde ultra pure blonde) that had a copper semi dye put on it after the box of garnier (if your in the UK a place called superdrug sells some awsome semi dye it's their own brand I'm not sure if they make the copper one any more tho :( ) now with that said normally my hair don't hold semi dyes overly well due to over bleaching/dyeing over the last 15 years or so I was told by some guy at a salon (same guy cut my hair and made me look a muppet before a wedding!) but put this on over the really light copper hair and it came out really bright red was happy with it but wanted a tiny bit dark either way I left it like it was for 2 weeks. decided to lighten it over a week just shampooing it normally,some dandruff washes even a few bi-carb soda and dish wash soap washes and it never really made a difference with that said over the 2 weeks I had very little to no staining on my pillows or clothes etc, Nor did I have a lot of run off when I washed it. I did end up covering it with adore wild cherry looked great faded over 2 weeks then put adore intense red over that with great results don't believe I'm sure I have the photo on my time line. I would defo use again for the price you can't bet it!
  • "Fire" from Crazy Color was the very first unnatural color I ever used to dip-dye my hair when I was 16/17 years old (and now I'm 31!). So it has a very special place in ly heart ! I never used it again until now, I remembered it as a very beautiful pinkish/firey red. When I put it on bleached hair a few weeks ago, it just turned super-bright pink. At first I was kind of disappointed, but it actually is a really nice color. Today, I decided to dye my whole hair with it by diluting it with some conditioner, but it still looks very pigmented. The only negative point is that it fades very quickly, but I guess the fact that I straighten my hair almost every day doesn't help.
  • Wonderful colour , covers excellently , even on darker blondes it will be bright red . No rub off on hands , comes off skin easily . Beautiful shade of pink based red

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