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ColourB4 Frequent Use

Need to change your hair colour? ColourB4 gently removes both permanent and semi-permanent hair colour as well as colour build-up. Unlike bleach, ColourB4 can remove hair colour without affecting the colour of your natural regrowth or underlying tone*

ColourB4 Frequent Use has been developed to remove artificial colour on hair that is dry or frequently coloured and contains an after treatment conditioner with Argan Oil to restore your hair’s softness.

Contains colour remover (Bottles A & B), Conditioning buffer to prevent re-oxidisation, Argan Oil conditioner to restore shine.

For best results, particularly with unnatural colours, we recommend that you cleanse your hair thoroughly (without using conditioner) using a clarifying shampoo before use. Apply ColourB4 to dry hair, following the included instructions carefully.

*Some permanent colours, even dark shades, can lighten your natural shade as part of the colouring process. ColourB4 can’t reverse this, it can only remove the artificial colour.

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Before use, conduct a patch test and strand test as outlined in the instructions included in the packaging.

1. It is strongly recommended that you wash your hair twice with a clarifying shampoo before use to remove any silicones, oil or product residue before use. This allows ColourB4 to penetrate more thoroughly.

2. Pour the contents of Part B (remover) into Part A applicator bottle and shake for 60 seconds. Apply mixture where the colour removal is required using the applicator bottle or a tint brush and bowl. Comb through with a wide-toothed comb to ensure even distribution.

3. Allow the product to process on your hair for 60 minutes. Cover your hair in cling-film or a disposable shower cap and stay in a warm room away from drafts during processing. Being in a cold room will slow down the process.

4. Thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water for at least 10 minutes. Set a timer to make sure you rinse for long enough.

5. Apply half the contents of Part C (buffer) to your hair and lather. Leave for 1 minute to absorb and rinse with warm water for 5 minutes. Repeat with the remaining buffer and rinse thoroughly.

6. (ColourB4 Frequent Use only) Apply half the bottle of conditioner to wet hair, comb through and leave for 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the conditioning process before completing a final rinse.

  • If you have a question about this product, please contact us or ask in our forum.

  • Ingredients ⮣

  • Precautions

    Before use read the included instruction leaflet thoroughly.

    Always follow the manufacturers instructions carefully. Ensure you do a strand test and sensitivity test 24 hours prior to use. If irritation occurs do not use this product. Keep this product away from your eyes and rinse immediately if contact with eyes occurs. For external use only. Not to be used on eyelashes or eyebrows. Keep away from children and pets. Product may remove colour from surfaces and textiles. Not suitable for children under 12. Not suitable for use on hair that has been treated with henna or gradual colour restorers which contain metallic salts. Do not apply to areas where skin is broken, abraded or irritated. Do not keep mixed product. Do not exceed stated development time. Consult a doctor before using during pregnancy. Not suitable for afro hair.

    For the latest precautions please check the product packaging and instruction leaflet before use.

    Packaging may vary from image shown.

Reviews of ColourB4 Frequent Use

  • Worked non oxi hair color?? For example: manic panic rockabilly blue. I think no. Because i want remove my blue and use color b4 extra strength (i ask color b4 official site, and say use this) not worked, and i use bleach... (Color b4 fashion color....It is not produced)
  • ooohhhhh and i see it this one but didn't understand the difference as is it in german :/// hmm perhaps to go to change it tomorrow!
  • I used this colorremover on red dyed hair, and I have to say it worked really good! I'm pretty near to my natural haircolor now. BUT it stinks like hell. My hair smelled like pigs for two days....but otherwise this is a good option to bleaching :)

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