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  1. Going White/Silver

    Dyeing Techniques


    Going White/Silver

    … to experiment. I used schwartzkopf Igora Royal to make quite a … Read more

  2. General Questions


    Schwarzkopf Igora Highlifting

    … bought a tube of Schwarzkopf Igora 12-1 Special Blonde Cendre … Read more

  3. Products and Techniques


    New Schwarzkopf Igora Permanent Dye!

    … hair today with Schwarzkopf’s Igora Royal dye. (she’s a … dyes on my hair, and igora royal was my favorite permanent … dyes on my hair, and igora royal was my favorite permanent … @katox I … Read more

  4. Products and Techniques


    Question About Igora Schwarzkoph Hair Neutralizer (Anti-Orange)

    … dyed my hair with Schwarzkoph igora shade 7 and my roots turned out slightly copper/orange. Igora schwarzkoph have a purple neutralizer … . I used to use Schwarzkoph IGORA iceflower mousse pumped straight out … Read more

  5. Products and Techniques


    Schwarskoph Igora Royal Metallxx & Candy Dandy Lines

    I have a friend who is getting her hair colored an unnatural color for the first time, and her hair stylist is going to use a couple of purple colors from the Schwarskoph Metallxx line. I have never heard of it so I went to look it up and the Metallxx … Read more

  6. Another failed silver dye job

    General Questions


    Another Failed Silver Dye Job

    … developer with 6 parts of igora royal 9.5-1 platinum … Read more

  7. General Questions


    Getting Black Semi-Permanent Out

    … semi-perm chemical dye called Igora Vibrance by Schwarzkopf. it’s … ‘t used that type of Igora before so can’t offer … Read more

  8. General Questions


    Silver Hair Help!!

    … 40vol bleach, toned using Schwarzkopf igora platinum, and bleached again on … Read more

  9. Products and Techniques


    Going Platinum- Ash Blonde From Brown

    … try it) I used Schwarzkopf Igora Royal 12/111 (about 3 … try this: All are Schwarzkopf Igora Royal 3/4 12/111 … Read more

  10. Products and Techniques


    Going White/Silver Question

    … cm of blue concentrate (all Igora Royal).The followup questions asked … Read more