About Us

15th January 2019


My name is Jude Boden and I run HairCrazy.com. I've been running this site since the beginning. I do most of the content creation, help to moderate the forum and comments, and develop the site.

About HairCrazy.com

HairCrazy.com is your source for hair inspiration. Our focus is on unnatural colours and our goal is to grow a friendly community where our members can share their hair photos, ask hair dyeing questions and find real reviews and experiences of hair colours.

HairCrazy was established in 2001 (formerly haircrazy.net) and we've been selling hair colour since 2002! At the time of HairCrazy's creation, unnatural hair colours were much less mainstream than they are today. There was a lack of information about how to use the colours and dyes were difficult to get hold of.

I'm so happy that I found this place! And to be part of it.

Our aim was (and still is) to create the ultimate resource for those interested in dyeing their hair rainbow colours:

* Informative articles were written to explain how hair dyeing works and provide ideas on how to be creative with hair colour.
* A forum was created to address the questions our users had about colouring their hair.
* Our galleries were established to give our members a platform for exhibiting their hair colouring success.
* We began selling a wide range of hair dyes, focussing on quality and choice of colours.

Since the beginning we've always strived to sustain a friendly, encouraging community with a zero-tollerence policy on abuse. We aim to provide the largest range of high quality hair colours and ship to countries worldwide.
Our community has grown to over 65,000 active users and we have happy customers across the globe!

This is the friendliest place on the net ever! No joke. I have not seen one thread or post or comment anywhere that is rude, degrading, or even overly opinionated. It's like a little slice of heaven on the internet for me.

We encourage our users to share their hair dyeing experiences - both good and bad - and to help each other with hair colouring ideas and techniques. The timeline feature gives our members the opportunity to show off their success and keep a record of their hair dyeing adventures. Users can curate their own collections of inspiring photos from our huge galleries and save ideas for later. Members can chat with like-minded hair dyers in our forum and comment on each other's photos and leave product reviews.


Put simply, we're about creating a friendly place for people to learn and talk about hair dyeing.

How to get in touch

The best way to contact us is through our contact form. We check our email regularly and reply within 2 working days. You can use that form to contact us about anything.

* Order enquiries
* Site/forum moderation
* Information requests
* Deletion requests
* Product questions
* Shipping information
* password/account help

If you're already a member, you can contact me by private message. Make the recipient Jude or you can tag me in a forum post or comment by writing @Jude. If you find a spam comment, replying to it with @spam will notify us so that we can remove it; we really appreciate all the help we get from our members in fighting spam.

Another way to get in touch is search for @haircrazydotcom on Facebook or Instagram.

Your question might already be answered, so check out our help pages for frequently asked questions and information on purchasing from us.

Please use the contact form to get in touch with ordering questions, you'll get the quickest response this way.

You can contact us by post by writing to: 14 Alan Close, BT33 0TA, UK