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Bleach: Dirty vs. clean hair?

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Posted 4 years ago

I've always heard it's best to do bleach on unwashed hair. Will the bleach be less effective on washed hair? I just got bleach for both my roots and the yellow parts of my hair but I just washed my hair this morning. Should I wait?

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Posted 4 years ago

I'd wait. Its no less effective on washed hair, but more damaging sometimes as the build up of oils on your hair can help protect it (if you use a shampoo which strips it quite well)

But mainly, the oil on your roots stops the bleach itching as much so its preferable to no have washed your hair. However, don't use bleach on hair with product in, like hairspray or gel.

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Posted 4 years ago

Totally agree with Luke.

I always let my hair get visibly greasy before bleaching. I once did it the same day as washing my hair and it was SO ITCHY. It's even worse if you're using a powder bleach because you can almost feel it fizzing on top of your head. Horrible!

Jude (Site Admin)

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Posted 4 years ago

Hair is stronger when there's a nice, icky layer of grease on top of the strands to protect them. So that makes the bleach less effective, but at least your hair won't be tortured as badly.