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Platinum blonde troubles


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Posted 2 years, 9 months ago

Okay, prepare yourself! Here is my situation...

Over Christmas, I put ion color brilliance aqua and 2 Beyond the Zone blue/purple colors in my hair. I have dyed platinum blonde hair- naturally dark brown.

So I need to be platinum again in a week for an interview.

This is what I have done: on Feb. 16th, I went to a salon that tried to lift my hair and f^#%ing failed. Gold band of brass and only turned my color to pastels instead of bleaching them out. They used equal parts bleach, 20 vol developer, and conditioner.

So yesterday I went to Sally's and got pre-dye spray for even coloring, an anti-brass remedy to mix in the dye, ion brand bleach, and ammonia free ion brand 40 vol developer sensitive scalp. I put it all over my hair with a bleach/developer ratio of 1:2 and left it on for an hour. I STILL have pastel colors.

My thoughts now are... Do I buy a high lights cap and only pull the colored hair through and do bleach/developer ratio 1:1? Do I do bleach and peroxide? Do I buy a highlighting kit and try to zap the color that way?

What do I need to do to get this color out?! I have never ever had a color hold to my hair like this. Also, I have been saturating my hair in oil from Sally's a few times a day since I dyed it at home on feb. 28th. I have incredibly, thick and strong hair that takes A LOT of abuse. Is there anything I could do besides oil to keep it that way? Just thinking because with this color still hanging around, I'll have to do something damaging most likely! ;)

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Posted 2 years, 9 months ago

Erm. Perhaps for the moment it would be a good idea to stop using bleach & peroxide. I have bleached my hair before to the point where it won't do anything to remove colour - strangely though, giving it a rest allowed the next bleach to be effective. Have you tried any of the other 'home remedies'? Bath salts, swim in the ocean/chlorine, dishwashing liquid, anti-dandruff shampoo, vitamin C treatment, colour remover, UV exposure?

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Posted 2 years, 9 months ago

I mean, I would absolutely leave my hair alone but with the interview being next week I cant. I will not get the job with my hair being blue, purple now becoming pink pastels.

I tried the dish washing liquid earlier and it didnt seem to pull anything out.

My mom is saying to dye my hair a dark blonde and just hope I get even coverage but I am scared of the color not being covered or winding up with greeny swamp brown hair.

How long of a rest are you thinking it would take for my hair to be okay to bleach again?

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Posted 2 years, 9 months ago

You would also need to condition the crap out of your hair. I was able to get my colors light enough by mixing anti dandruff shampoo and baking soda powder. You would probably need to do it every day for at least a week. Other wise after deep conditioning your hair try to bleach again.

I have some spots that is pale yellow from where the pink color was and it was hard to get out, it is very very pale now where it looks ok. I wish you the best.

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Posted 2 years, 9 months ago

If it's really light, I would try to neutralize each color with it's counter. Also, a semi permanent blonde dye wouldn't be a bad idea.

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Posted 2 years, 9 months ago

stop bleaching.
at some point your hair will not loose any color anymore.
my experience. my boyfriend's experience. he bleached like 5 times at one day, being frustrated he went from 6% (20vol) up to (12%) 40vol but it did only lift the first two times!!! afterwards just nothing happened anymore... and his hair seriously looked like S**t...

also neutralising seems to not be a good idea. cause a lot can go wrong and instead of going platinum you could have even more tints in your hair afterwards... high risk in my opinion...

i would suggest to let your hair rest as long as you can...
bleach one more time the day before the interview. if possible in the morning so you can fix the outcome if wanted...
to be on the safe side for your platinum use a highlights cap unless you feel able to use aluminium foil for the single strands. and mix the bleach 1:1, but only with 20 or max. 30 vol...
40vol is only used to get away from black!!!
if seriously no effect of the bleach is visible, do what your mom said. go for a darker blonde. that's the safest thing (and the only thing xD) you can do. i just can't tell you what blond to buy (in germany where i live we have different colors ^^). just go for a warm tone, no ash blonde because you don't want a green tint...

btw - don't use just any household products on your hair ö.ö
in germany dish washer liquid is hella aggressive! we use it to get paint and varnish off doors ö.ö why would anybody want to put something like that on hair???