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Updated Posting Guidelines, Forum Rules etc.

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Posted 8 years, 4 months ago

If you're new to the forum, hello! Go and introduce yourself here:

We're a friendly forum but we have a couple of rules that we like people to stick to:

Please don't revive old topics. If the topic you're posting to is more than 3 or 4 weeks old, please don't reply unless you're updating your own topic. You can see how old a post is at the top of each reply. (The above topic for new members to introduce themselves is exempt of course Smile).
Why? Well, it's because topics are only really relevant for a certain amount of time. Another reason is that replying to out of date topics means that new topics get pushed further down the list and don't get as many views and replies as they should have if they were at the top of the pile.

Please don't PM me about your specific hair problem.
Sorry, I know that sounds harsh but that's what the forum is for. I try to reply to topics when I can but if you PM me questions then it's not going to help other people who come along with the same problem. I am super busy running the site/processing orders for a mum, so it's not easy for me to get back to you about stuff that other people can help with when I have to prioritise other things (by the way, you can always PM me to report spam, site problems etc.). You're also missing out on the help of all the other forum users by doing this.

Please just write in English without "..." in the middle of sentences, wEirD cApitAlizaTion and useless waffle like "hahah yah so whatever" in posts. Writing "u" when you mean "you" or "plz" for "please" is also really annoying. Please don't.

The usual forum rules of being respectful, not posting inappropriate content etc. apply of course, although this hasn't been a problem so far.

Start a new topic if you have a question. You'll get better replies if you ask a question in a fresh topic than piggybacking on someone else's.

Copyright of images
Please do not post images that you do not own the copyright to. Not sure if you own the copyright? Don't post it.
If you need to post an image to demonstrate just post a link to it so that we don't end up putting a copyright notice (which is automatically done) on something that belongs to someone else.

Don't write in capital letters, this includes topic titles.
It's annoying and makes me want to delete your topic. Writing in caps doesn't make anyone more likely to help you.

Jude (Site Admin)

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