Posting Guidelines

Last updated: 27th April 2016

The following are some guidelines for posting articles, topics and photographs on If you haven't already read the user agreement please do so before proceeding.

Adding an article

Due to the large volume of unsuitable content submitted (ie hair questions that belong on the forum) we are currently not accepting new articles through the add article form. We're working through the backlog of already submitted articles to publish those that we can in the mean time.

We are still accepting articles on an ad hoc basis so if you have something that you think would benefit the site please feel free to run it past Jude.

Posting Images

Image size and format

When submitting an image as part of a forum topic or article quality is important so that all users can clearly see your image.
Your image should be at least 400 pixels (px) in width and if scaling you should retain the original aspect ratio to avoid the image being skewed. Don't worry if it's a large image as it will automatically be resized to a more reasonable size.
Any images you wish to be uploaded should be in jpeg format (.jpg). Avoid using bitmaps (.bmp) as they do not display well on all browsers. You should also avoid using gifs on all images other than your avatar as the quality is insufficient for photographs.

Submit unprocessed images

To keep a consistent look and feel we request that you do not upload images that have been significantly altered. Resizing and some minor cropping are fine. Photographs where borders, text, drawing, artistic effects or recolouring has been applied are not suitable for the gallery or articles.

No composite images

We request that you only have one photo per upload. We allow you to upload as many photos as you want, so there is no need to stitch them together yourself. This makes you timeline look better, as re-sized composite images make it really hard to see what is happening in the photos. Any composite images may be removed.

Good Quality Images are best

For articles or gallery submissions we recommend that you don't use webcam photographs due to the lower image quality. If you are trying to capture a hair colour try taking the photograph outside in natural light for the most accurate colour result.

Appropriate vs. Inappropriate

When you post a photo bear in mind that younger viewers may see it.
Be fully clothed for your photos, do not post anything obscene, for example.

Have the right permission

Before you post a photograph ensure you have the full ownership of the image. It's also good to ask any other people in the photographs if it's ok to post their photo online.

Posting on the Forum

The forum is a part of the site where you can chat informally about hair related issues. We have a few stipulations to ensure that it's an enjoyable place for all users.

No Advertising

Advertising posts will be removed and user accounts which exist for the purpose of advertising will be deactivated.

Write in English

When posting please keep your posts in plain English bearing in mind that many users are not native English speakers. By this we mean avoid leet and sms abbreviations which make it difficult for most people to read.
Get to the point! Sentences like "So yeah... whatever." in your posts serve no purpose but to annoy your audience so you're much less likely to get a reply. If you have a hair problem put it across as clearly and concisely as possible.

Be Respectful

Respect the other users of the site. If you have a problem with a particular user please bring it to the attention of the site admin or one of the moderators.

Reviving Old Topics

If the forum topic you're looking at hasn't been replied to in more than 3 or 4 weeks old we prefer that you don't reply, but feel free to start a new topic with your question. There are a couple of exceptions to this:
* You're updating your own topic. For example you posted a thread asking for haircut ideas and you reply to the original topic with an update showing your new style.
* Pinned topics such as the Introduce Yourself topic.


Like most forums, we discourage double-posting. Our forum is moderately busy so expect to wait a few hours before anyone responds to your topic. If you post several topics same issue we will remove them.

Surveys, Research, Media

Are you trying to gather a sample of people who like to dye their hair for a survey or research? Maybe you're making a TV programme about people who dye their hair unnatural colours. Whatever the reason, if you come to the forum seeking volunteers, subjects, samples or votes you need to contact us for permission before posting. You can do this via the Contact Us link. Any unauthorised posts of this nature will be removed.

Moderators Exist for a Reason

As mentioned above moderators can help you if you have a problem with another user. They're also there to help you with technical problems, questions about posting and keep the message board running smoothly. They're also able to approve or disapprove posts and articles so it's a good idea to keep them on side. A moderator's word is final and should you have a problem with a moderator please contact the site administrator.

Comments, Private Messages & Email Correspondence

You should be respectful to other users at all times. Content of an obscene or offensive nature either posted on the web site through the forum, comments or otherwise or privately through private messages, email etc. is forbidden. Please report all abuse to the site administrator.