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Pin-Curls for Pixie Cuts

Published on 3rd August 2015


00.01: Hey everybody, it’s Dizzy and if you would like to see how I got this cute, very retro look on super-short hair, then just keep on watching!

00.12: OK, so we’re going to make a start. First I want to tell you guys a little bit about my hair so you understand what I had to work with and how you can modify it to make it work for you. So my hair is growing out from a pixie cut; the top half of my hair is about 4.5 inches long if you hold it up. The sides are about 3 inches long and then at the back it tapers from 4 inches to 3 inches to 2 to about 1 inch. As you can see in the back long? area, it’s too short for me to pin-curl. My hair is also naturally wavy and it was all cut blunt with scissors, so I didn’t use any thinning shears or a razor or anything like that on my hair, so my ends are straight across for the most part.

01.00: If you want to do this hairstyle and you have one of those very modern pixie cuts like a Miley Cyrus kind of thing, where it’s like crazy long on the top and then almost shaved at the sides and the back, what you do is just pin-curl everything you can and then comb the sides and back flat down. It’s a really cute look and it looks almost the same as the old-style poodle without the sides.

01.24: What I did first and foremost is, I sectioned off my hair in a big rectangle – so it’s sectioned to here and to here. And then for this hair I pin-curled it by doing stand-up pin-curls. I’ll take one out and show you how it’s done. So there’s a curl. So what I did was I held the hair straight up like this – can you see that? – and then I looped it and then looped it down and pinned it in place, and just let it dry in that shape. And I did do this with my hair wet (damp). And I used a little bit of the Jane Carter Solutions Wrap & Roll which is a pretty cool foaming setting lotion. You can use lotions, you can use mousse; you can pretty much anything that works for you, but that works for me.

02.18: I set 3 rows of curls in stand-up pin-curls going this way, so coiled this way, all going in the same direction. On the sides they’re going toward my face and I did rows as best I could. In the back this first row right here is set going this way and these are flat pin-curls; so they’re the opposite way this hair was going. So this hair was going this way and this is going this way. And I just kind of curled it the best way I could at the back, because it’s the back and I can’t see it and it’s really short.

02.55: I’m going to go ahead and take these out. I used a combination of bobby pins and actual pin-curl clips because I was low on pin-curl clips.

03.26: OK so that should be… nope, I lied! It’s like, I have very fine hair – I don’t have a lot of hair – but every time I do pin-curls it’s like “wow there’s a lot of pin-curls in here!”, so I always end up missing some of the pins.

03.48 That is the set taken out. So then I just kind of brush through it with my hands. If you see me looking off to the side it’s because I have a mirror over here. So, for this set I want my volume to be through the top of my head. I don’t want a lot of volume through the sides.

04.15: Then I’m going to take a Denman styling brush. This is what this looks like, but any sort of brush that you prefer works. I’m going to avoid brushing through the very top yet. I just want to go through the sides. I’m brushing kind of against my hand. And I know right now it looks kind of frizzy and crazy but it will get better the more you brush – and that’s the thing with pin-curl sets – a lot of people will do them and be like, “Oh my god, this looks terrible. I hate it.” and then they’ll brush it out and it will look even frizzier and they’ll give up. But the more you brush them the more in control they’re going to be and the better you’re going to like them.

05.20: And at this length, it’s like I’ve got to be careful not to look like Eunice from Mama’s Family, ‘cause it happens – but that’s OK.

05.40: So yeah, brushy brushy brush! OK and then I’m going to switch to this. It’s just like a vent kind of brush. And I’m going to attack the top and brush that a little bit against my hand; see what we get.

06.05: The curl was pretty good today. I got some serious curl going on!

06.27: Yeah. I just keep messing with it until I get it to look a way that I like. I’m going to go through and take some pomade. Get it on my hands and kind of scrunch that into my hair. Woo we got some big hair guys!

07.09: Now, from there I’m back to my styling brush. Pull that pomade through and really start arranging curls until I get them to look the way I want them to. You can section curls off, you can take like a little comb that’s a wide-toothed comb and get some curl back in there that’s more molded. The sky is the limit with the pin-curl set! You just want to keep brushing, keep fiddling with it until you like it.

08.26: And this pomade that I use is a water-based pomade. It’s the Beyond the Zone Retro Vinyl Pomade. Let me show it to you guys. It looks like that. I get it at Sally Beauty Supply but any sort of water-based pomade is great. I like the water based because it’s easier to get out, for one thing, which is really good especially if you’re like me and you have coloured hair and you want to keep it looking good, but you don’t want to have to wash it too often, then the water-based is your friend.

09.28: Do you see how moldable this is? It’s crazy! That is the pin-curl. Pin-curl is very moldable.

09.53: Now, once I start liking the way something is looking, ‘cause actually, don’t mind I’m gonna spray it a little bit with hairspray. What I’m using is the Garnier Fructis Flexible Control Anti-Humidity hairspray. It’s really good for summer and I like that it has a light hold. Then I just go through and just make sure that I keep the [curl]… and I like that it’s a brushable hold hairspray.

10.37: I’ve got that one. Now for the back of my hair, I’m going to look and see what we’ve got going on back there ‘cause it’s sometimes… well you just don’t know. So let’s see what that looks like. Towards my mirror. OK.

11.34: I’m just going to brush through the back a little bit more. Yeah. With the back it’s not quite as defined but I’m OK with that. At this length I am just happy to have the retro feeling to my hair and I don’t need it to be like perfect because trying to get hair this short perfect is just not going to happen! I’m going to go ahead and spray a little bit more in the front and a little bit more everywhere.

12.15: So that is that. If you wanted to accessorise this hairstyle there are a lot of really good ways to do it. One: you could put some little flower clips in… which is pretty cute. You could also use a scarf, like a vintage scarf that’s sheer. And I’ll show you how that looks really quick. That’s actually really useful too if you only have hair on the top and you want to hide how short the sides and back are. Taking a scarf like this and wrapping it just behind the ears, and tying it on, can be a really cute way of wearing this type of hair. And if you let it cover the ears a little bit it’s really cute because then you just have to worry about how the front looks. And I’ll show you guys how it looks at the back. Yeah, see? It really does hide how short that hair is. So yeah!

13.37: Here is the front of the look. This is the side. This is the other side, and this is this side. So there we go! Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope that this video was helpful and gave you some ideas on a style that you can do with your own pixie or with a growing-out, very short haircut. Please comment and subscribe and let me know what you guys would like to see next and I’ll see you next time! Bye!

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