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Force-Fade Pravana Violet

Published on 24th November 2015


00.00 It’s early on Saturday and I just got up and I’ve been trying to fade my hair – my lovely bed-head is still here – for some time now. This went in about 3 weeks ago. It’s not showing any signs of wanting to go. This one, a bit better, fading nicely, but it’s this one I’m really looking to break the base of.

00.30 So I’ve been given a tip on the fabulous website HairCrazy.com and I am going to work through it.

00.43 I’ve got my mixing bowl. Lovely. And in it I’m going to put this lovely dandruff shampoo – full of sulphates – and then some other stuff as well probably. Okay, so I’m going to squirt a good amount in there. I don’t need as much as people with long hair would. So I’m just squirting a good amount in; more than I would normally use if I was washing my hair. And, I have some lightening powder here, or bleach powder rather. I use Blondor because it’s worked really well for me but whatever you use is going to be fine. New packet that doesn’t want to open. Aha, there we go!

01.57 Now, before I do anything else I’m going to give that a really, really good mix.

02.18 So that looks like that. It smells like anything with bleach powder in would smell now – really masking any of the nice medicated smell of the shampoo there. Okay. Now, I have lovely coconut oil. I’m just going to put a lump in. It does melt at body-heat temperature, so it melts very easily – more easily than butter I would say, but it stays pretty solid at room temperature. It is amazing stuff. And what I’m also going to do, is I’m going to put this on my hair before I even start to protect my hair and my scalp for excessive exposure. It’s worked really well whenever I’ve bleached my hair in the past, so that’s what I’m going to do.

03.16 So, basically a couple of fingerfulls of coconut oil which is now all over my hands. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to open the next one! We’re nearly done. I’ll just mix this in.

03.37 And then the original recipe calls for olive oil. I don’t ever seem to be able to find olive oil, so avocado oil is what I’m going for. I figure there can’t be that much difference. It’s all good healthy oil and it’s very light smell actually. It’s not too bad at all. Just a tiny bit of that. I’m just mixing it in. There we go. So now it’s looking like that. I’ve also got gloves, shower hat and extra cling-film to go round with the shower hat. Really useful I find.

04.28 So I’m going to go off to stick some coconut oil on my hair, then I’m going to stick this stuff on my hair and then I’m going to apply some heat. When I’ve done that I shall show you a clip of me looking like that and I shall come back and see how we’re doing.

05.22 Been on for an hour. I’m going to just go and rinse it off now and we will see.

05.38 Let’s see. It’s still very wet obviously but all the Special Effects is completely gone and almost all the Pravana has gone. That’s really a lot lighter. I’m really really pleased; I’m so impressed. It hasn’t really lifted my roots at all, which is great because it means I can do my roots in a couple of weeks.

06.09 I’m going to go away and put some Crazy Color hot purple mixed with a lot of conditioner on this to give it a nice pastel purple look for a party today and that will keep me going until I need to change colour completely in a couple of weeks’ time. So I will keep you posted!

[Crazy Color Hot Purple 50/50 with 1 pound conditioner goes on for 30 minutes before I rinse and dry. I chose this because I know it shouldn’t last too long! Here’s the end result…]

06.30 Right, I am now re-purpled but in a nice pastely way and there is no really deep Pravana Violet stuff in my hair any more so that’s wonderful! We’re good, we’re happy. We hope you like! So until next time, bye!

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My Thoughts

Always do a strand test and a sensitivity test before undertaking any fading treatments. Be careful to follow manufacturers’ instructions, especially when working with bleach.