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22nd September 2017

Pravana Mood Color, a heat-activated hair colour, premiered earlier this month. You can see the results of my trial in this video article.

What is Mood Color?

Pravana’s latest innovation is a heat-changing hair colour. It reacts by changing colour a few degrees below body heat (31C) allowing you to change your hair colour with just the heat from your hands! There are 4 colours presently available:

Unfortunately this is a temporary colour and washes out with shampoo.

Here’s my full unboxing and first look video. Scroll down for the TL;DW version.

How does it Work?

Mood Color comes as a kit containing 4 sachets of pigment and a base cream to mix them with. It also contains four disposable spoons and an application sponge. Mixing the colour is simple: use 1 part pigment to 3 parts base cream and apply the colour to towel-dried hair with a sponge and blow-dry to finish.
You’ll see the colour changing effect straight away. Once the colour gets above around 31C (88F) it changes rapidly and returns to the original colour when your hair has cooled down again. Mood Color washes out with shampoo.

For the colour to show up well, your hair should be level 8, 9, or 10 (blonde or lighter), otherwise results will be more subtle.

My Experience

The colour changing effect is really fun to play with and it’s very responsive to heat. You can put a hand print on your hair and watch it fade back out again! (Anyone remember the Global Hypercolor fad of the 90s? It’s pretty much that, for hair). A lot of people will be disappointed to learn that this is a temporary colour and disappears with one wash.
I found the base cream to be a little waxy and took some extra washing to get out.

Green to Yellow and Peach to Invisible seem to be slightly more sensitive to heat. The most noticeable transitions occurred with green/yellow and violet/pink, and these were my favourites. That’s not to say the pink/clear and grey/clear aren’t noticeable; they are, and could be used in combination with pastel base colours to create your own transition. For example, you could use the Grey to Invisible over pale mint hair create a grey to mint transition, so this opens up some more creative opportunities.

It’s an incredibly fun product to play with and I can see this appealing to those of us who love novelty.

Here’s a quick video showing Pravana Mood Color in action.

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