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  1. First Look: Pravana Mood Color

    First Look: Pravana Mood Color

    Trying out the first heat-activated, colour-changing hair colour.

  2. Trying out Pravana Locked-In

    Trying Out Pravana Locked-In

    Does Pravana Locked-In really not run when you rinse it? In this video I try some normally impossible colour placements to put it to the test.

  3. Force-Fade Pravana Violet

    Force-Fade Pravana Violet

    In this video HairCrazy regular Mummydactyl shows us her method for quickly fading stubborn colours like Pravana Violet.

  4. Pin-Curls for Pixie Cuts

    Pin-Curls For Pixie Cuts

    Dizzinea's new video shows you how to achieve a retro pin-curled look on your pixie cut.

  5. Aodhamair's Halloween Hair Ideas

    Aodhamair's Halloween Hair Ideas

    Are you in need of some inspiration for your Halloween costume? Check out these videos for some great ideas! Most of us hair-crazies will have the materials needed lying around anyway.

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