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Tips on Styling Short Hair

Published on 10th February 2010

I regularly get asked on Hair Crazy for tips on styling short hair, so I thought I would share my 4 simple steps:


The first thing is to get a hairdresser who you trust. My hairdresser is great and always listens to me. I usually ask for my hair to be cut short enough to spike, a little longer at the front and chopped into all over.


After washing my hair and roughly towel drying it, I blast it with the hairdryer all over. I usually point the hair dryer in the opposite direction to where it would naturally fall in regions where I want to spike it. Sometimes I do a bit of a “fauxhawk” on top which I blast from the front of my holding my head upside-down.


I have naturally wavy hair so it is necessary for me to straighten my hair all over at this point. I straighten from root to tip with a ceramic coated straightener. It is made easier if I section off my hair with clips and do it in layers.


I am of the opinion that it is worth spending a little more on styling products, the more expensive salon brands seem pricey but they last a long time and give good results.

Me demonstrating my method of blow drying

My styling products of choice

Pictured are the products I currently use:
a) King of shaves pro style clay
b) Clynol Extrovert styling glue (a freebie from my hair dresser – another advantage of getting to know your hairdresser!)
c) Tigi Bedhead Maxxed Out hairspray (My dessert island styling product!)

But having good products is useless without knowing what to do with them! I only use a pea-sized amount of the “clay” (really most kind of wax will do) as pictured. Too much wax weighs down your hair and makes it difficult to spike. Then I rub the wax into my hands thoroughly so it coats my palms and fingers (your hands should be nice and hot from rubbing the wax in, suggesting that the wax is malleable enough to style with). Rub the wax from root to tip roughly until your hair looks something like this rather embarrassing photo of me:

The amount of wax I use

The initial result of applying the wax!

Next shape your hair how you want it; at this point I spike up my fauxhawk, make sure my hair is even at the back and shape my fringe and “sideburns” around my face. I use a really small amount of the finishing glue (pictured) to give the areas I’ve described definition and to hold the spikes and points in place. (NOTE: this is a non-essential step which I often skip when in a hurry, so if you don’t want to splash out on all three styling products this is the one to drop.)

Then fix your hair using the hairspray. All hairsprays are applied differently, but this particular one I hold relatively close to my head (about 5inches) and spray. A light mist is enough for the back, but at the front I am often more liberal and rub the hairspray into the fauxhawk.
And there you have it! Thanks for reading.

The amount of finishing glue I use

The result! For many more pictures of what my hair looks like after styling check out my timeline.

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