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Sporting a Mohawk for the First Time

Published on 24th September 2010

Having done a Mohawk before, and finding little help when I did, I feel it necessary to write my exploits so no one would ruin a chance for a great hairdo.

You will need the following materials for a proper Mohawk:

  • Duct tape
  • Hair clippers (Wahl is what I use)
  • A bleaching kit
  • A coloring dye
  • Gloves
  • Styrofoam bowl
  • Plastic spoons
  • A helping hand doesn’t hurt

The first thing you will have to do for a Mohawk haircut is to decide how long and wide you want it to look. Take a strip of duct tape, and cut the length of tape to how long you want your Mohawk to be. Next, position one end of the tape to the center of your forehead, aligned so that your mohawk doesn’t look askew. Make sure that the duct tape isn’t going to rip hair out also. Next, take your hair clippers and either use a 1/2 or 1 guard, and begin shaving. Make sure to get any and all patches of hair not used in the Mohawk and make sure not to cut your scalp (infections can occur due to this). Once you have cut all the hair off not being used, thoroughly wash your scalp of any clippings. Then if you are like me, take a razor and lather the remaining stubble in shaving creme and shave it off. At this point you should have a Mohawk. If you do not want color, then you are done and may style it as you please. If you want color, continue down to the next paragraph.

Now that you have completed the cutting process, now you need to dye it. Most bleaching kits with 30 and 40 volume will suffice, but if you are like me and have dark hair, go with 40 volume. Follow the instructions on the bleaching kit, and make sure that the area you are in is well-aerated as the mixing of the bleach components will produce a noxious odor. Using the duct tape, cut four strips, placing each on your head flush with the Mohawk, with two that are parallel to the sides of the hawk, and two that are parallel with the the back. place the gloves on your hands and follow the mixing instructions on the bleaching kit. Apply the bleach liberally to all parts of the Mohawk, making sure to avoid getting any on yourself and your
surroundings. Follow the necessary guidelines for the wait time, wash the bleach out, dry, then apply toner. Then, wait a full day to apply the color and follow the instructions for the application.

Hope this’ll get you a great hawk!

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  • Remove duct tape slowly so as not to pull or damage your hair.