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Pump Up that Mohawk!

Published on 14th September 2007

I once had a mohawk. Everyone suggested elmer’s white glue and hair spray. Although I do have thin hair, neither one worked. I heard a rumor about knox gelatin, and this is how I got my mohawk to stay!

First I purchased some unflavoured knox gelatin. (It’s near the baking section at most grocery stores.) It comes in a little box, but don’t buy the “value pack” for you only need a little bit of it.
Tools you need: microwavable bowl, gelatin packet, water, microwave, your hair and hands.

Me and my sister... my sweet mini-hawk

Step uno: Pour a tiny bit of the powdered gelatin into the bowl – about the size of a quarter or fifty cent piece.
Step dos: Drip some water into the bowl and stir until the gelatin is dissolved into a mushy paste (it should look like thick syrup.)
Step tres: put in the microwave for 5 seconds and continue zapping at 5 second intervals until it’s thick and goopy.
Step quatro: Slather it onto your hair before it cools.
(i know it smells funny, just do it)
Step cinco: Shape into the form you want it and let cool!

my sweet mini-hawk whist trying to grow it out

This gelatin method lasts a few days so be prepared to wake up three to four days in a row with a sweet mohawk intact. you’ll have to scrub it with bar soap to get the stuff out, or just let it run it’s course. Happy hawking!

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