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Knotty Hair

Published on 13th May 2012

What you need:
-Hairspray or gel

This is a fun and easy style for those with hair on the longer side.
The downside to this style is that it’s a bit time consuming. When my hair was about mid-back length, it would take an hour to do. With my hair down to my thighs, it took an hour and a half.

I used to do this style using gel but opted for hairspray this time around.

The first thing you need to do is to section off your hair. I like to work from bottom to top so I tied the bulk of my hair out of the way, leaving the bottom layer. You then take portions from the section you are working with and wet it with some water to make it more manageable (if using gel, this is where you apply it to the length of hair).

knotty hair sectioning

You can either make your portions uniform or make some chunkier than others. Now all you have to do is tie knots down the length then spray with hairspray (if using gel, skip the spray).


As the hair dries, the knots will loosen a little which will reduce the length. The more knots you do, the shorter your hair will be.

When you have finish knotting that layer, make another and keep working your way up until you are done.

knotting almost complete

knotting hair finished

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