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Published on 13th May 2007

If you were around in the 80’s you’ll probably remember crimped hair. It’s a good way to add volume to your hair or just have a crazy style until you wash it out.

You don’t need a crimping iron to crimp your hair. With this method you can get shinier, tighter crimps than those that are achieved with a standard crimping iron and if you brush your hair through you can make it much bigger with this method.

You will need: *Hair straightners *Foil

Take a piece of foil about half the length of your hair. Fold along the length until you have a stick of foil. Bend the foil in half so that you have a long u shape. Keep the foil as smooth as possible. You’ll probably want to make at least 5 of these or more if you want to keep them in while you do the rest of your hair.

Get your straighteners heating up on their lowest setting. Take a piece of hair and one of the u-shaped pieces of foil. Place the curve of the u-shape at your roots and taking the strand of hair wind around the 2 prongs of the u-shape in a figure of 8. Continue until all of the strand is wrapped around the foil. Now apply a low heat to the hair using your straightening irons. Leave the foil in for a few minutes while the hair cools. Repeat until all the hair has been crimped. Carefully unwide the hair from the foil and remove foil. Your hair should be super wavy. You can leave it like this (apply hair spray to hold) or brush it through for big frizzy hair.


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