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1st October 2007

Everyone who wants a new style, or even to perfect an old one, needs to practice, and to know how to do it right. So i order to get those big gravity defying hair styles i would suggest you use your free time to practice and to get use to your hair. The way to actually get your hair to get up and stay how you want it may be a bit different for each person, but I’ve found that a hairdryer and a can of hairspray is all I need. My hair is also a bit picky and I have to wash my hair right before I start styling it, this is to get all the oils out. With your hair nice and clean its time to start drying your hair, if you have an idea in mind try to use the blow-dryer to get your hair facing in the general direction it needs to be in. I next try not to be too attentive to one group of hair, go for the general look. It’ll take some practice but you’ll get it soon enough.

My usual hair.
Now it might sound pretty easy, but the truth is that styling hair is a lot like drawing. It takes a lot of practice and time to figure out, but once you get it, it’ll be like second nature. Try experimenting a lot it might take a few cans of hairspray or high water bill for awhile, but try and find a style that works for you. Japanese fashion and music has a lot of great examples of really cool hair, and is my main influence for my hair. Try to look into it or any other outlet, and start by trying to style your hair like someone else’s and then alter it to fit your style.
Try different colors, and lengths.

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