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Better Braiding

Published on 5th July 2003

If you like to keep your hair braided but are sick of the standard 3 strand braid give some of these a try.

Fish Tail
This is similar looking to a normal plat but more intricate.
Pull your hair back like you would to do a low pony tail. Split your hair into 2 equal parts. Take a strand from the far outside edge of the left bunch and move it to the inside edge of the right bunch. The right bunch should now be slightly bigger than the left.
Now take a strand from the outside of the right bunch and bring it to the inside of the left bunch. Continue alternating like this until the whole thing is done. Finally secure it at the end. Done.

Too neat looking? Try pulling loops out from the sides for a messier look.

Twisted Braids
These are exactly as the name suggests.
First take a section of hair you want to braid (this works best in small sections). Split the bunch into 2 parts and then split each part in half again. Twist the 2 halves around each other as evenly as possible. Do the same with the second part of the bunch. Now twist the 2 halves together and secure at the ends. That’s it.

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