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  1. How to Get Heat-free Curls That Stay

    How To Get Heat-Free Curls That Stay

    It's always been a pain getting curls that look good AND stay. This method gives almost natural-looking curls that last all day!

  2. Five Easy Styles to Mix Things Up

    Five Easy Styles To Mix Things Up

    So you have long hair but you never do anything with it! Here are some fast, easy ideas I use to spice things up.

  3. Knotty Hair

    Knotty Hair

    A knotted hairstyle for longer hair.

  4. How to Get Fluffy, Wavy, Perfect Curls

    How To Get Fluffy, Wavy, Perfect Curls

    I often get asked about how to achieve my hairstyle, so here's how I do it!

  5. Sporting A Mohawk For The First Time

    Step by step analysis of doing a 'hawk.

  6. Tips on Styling Short Hair

    Tips On Styling Short Hair

    Method for hair styling

  7. Tips For Easy Hair Straightening

    A few tips to get the best out of your hair straighteners

  8. How to 'Hawk it

    How To 'Hawk It

    A self-made 'hawk to suit you!

  9. Big Styling

    Big Styling

    A guide to get your hair just right.

  10. Pump Up that Mohawk!

    Pump Up That Mohawk!

    How to get that mohawk to stay!

  11. Spiking


    Need info on spiking your hair? Look no further...

  12. Crimping

    Crimping your hair without crimping irons

  13. Temporary Dreads

    How to get a dread effect for a night

  14. Better Braiding

    Sick of the same old 3-way braid? Try this.

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