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Yellow Pink/Yellow Orange Gradient

Published on 14th October 2011

I started off with my hair bleached as light as I could get it without damaging it too much. There are tons of great articles on the site to help you with that!

As you can see, there are still some remnants of green in the under layer, but the flash makes them look much darker than they really were, and the pink dye covered them very well.

As you can see there were some remnants of green in the under layer, but the flash makes them look darker than they really were.
The other side view.

I started with the short side, and just sectioned the longer part of my hair up on top of my head, to the side.

Sectioned hair.

I applied the yellow dye first. I used Directions Fluorescent Glow. First I applied it around my parting, then down a little further than I wanted it to be yellow, all around the short part of my hair.


Next I applied the orange. I used Stargazer Dawn. I painted it over my hair in a fiery pattern, going over the bottom of the yellow, like so:


Again I went down further than I wanted the orange to be.

Finally I applied the red dye (Stargazer Foxy Red) over the rest of my hair, and over the bottom of the orange.


I ended up with this:


So with that done, I took down the long side of my hair. I wanted to keep my gradient even, so I sectioned layer by layer as I went along, starting from the top, and working my way down.

I started, again, with the yellow, and again I applied it further down my hair than I wanted it.

other yellow


To get the lower layers I sectioned the dyed layer to the front, and clipped it in place.


Then I applied the pink. I used Directions Flamingo Pink. Again I layered it a little over the top of the yellow, and then all the way down to the tips.


Finished, it looked like this :


And when all done, and dry and styled:



And there we are!


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