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Taking Hair from Black to Turquoise!

11 April 2011

Here are some photos, before black..


With black dye.

After using a 10 minute formula

Luckily my colour had faded out slightly from regular shampooing, so next I did a Vitamin C treatment.

I left the mixture on for around half an hour, this was the result.

After the vitimin c treatment

I used Boots Honey and Johoba intensive hair mask afterwards, and already I’ve lifted my hair a couple of shades with no damage whatsoever!

(I’ve just noticed in most of the photo’s of my hair I’m usually looking in one direction, that’s purely because I have an undercut on one side, and generally its easier to see colour on my 'normal’ hair.)

So, two days later I did a soap cap.
I mixed 1:1:2 of shampoo, bleach and bleach powder.

I left it on for half an hour and got this result.

My hair was quite dry after this so i used a hot oil treatment and let it try naturally.

My hair was quite dry after this so I used a hot oil treatment and let it dry naturally.

Because of this, I decided not to bleach any more as it would have damaged my hair too much.

Even with the yellow tones in my hair, it came out quite a nice colour in the end!



  • I love the yellow that you had! Report Comment
  • I'd rather bleach than doing a soapcap, because those things are damn scary. But your results are very good! Report Comment
  • What color did you put over the yellow to get the lovely end result? It's the color I'm kind of striving for (got it accidentally before with a mishmash of random blues and greens), and my hair is pretty darn close to the yellow you had (more of a very washed out orange), so I'm curious :) Report Comment
  • Hey :) thanks for reading my article! I made my own mix of dye using Stargazer Tropical Green, with a small amount of Special Effects blue mayhem, to give it some depth and help it last longer, and i put a load of conditioner in the mix too, just for good measure. I'm re-dying with Tropical Green by it's self though, it's a great colour and doesn't fade too quickly :) Hope that helps xx Report Comment
  • I love it!!!!! Report Comment
  • That dark blue looks fantastic. Report Comment
  • Normally I'm not a fan of yellow, but this is like the most remarkable bleaching result I've ever seen. Also impressed with the blue. Report Comment
  • I used 40 volume bleach, and left it on for about 40 minutes. Most people use 30 or 20 volume though, thats why mine lightened so much compared to other peoples results! Report Comment
  • that yellow looks amaizing!!! Report Comment
  • That turquoise colour looks brilliant. It took so well. I think it suits you! Report Comment
  • im going to have to go through this process in a couple of months time, though instead of using the bleach i am going to try and use the vitamin c treatment repeatedly as i do not want to damage my hair too much, thanks for the advice! Report Comment
  • You could have used a colour remover (not a stripper) to safely remove the dye particles then, if you needed to, soap cap/bleach bath it. :) Report Comment

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