Taking Hair from Black to Turquoise!

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11th April 2011

Here are some photos, before black..


With black dye.

After using a 10 minute formula

Luckily my colour had faded out slightly from regular shampooing, so next I did a Vitamin C treatment.

I left the mixture on for around half an hour, this was the result.

After the vitimin c treatment

I used Boots Honey and Jojoba intensive hair mask afterwards, and already I’ve lifted my hair a couple of shades with no damage whatsoever!

(I’ve just noticed in most of the photo’s of my hair I’m usually looking in one direction, that’s purely because I have an undercut on one side, and generally its easier to see colour on my ‘normal’ hair.)

So, two days later I did a soap cap.
I mixed 1:1:2 of shampoo, bleach and bleach powder.

I left it on for half an hour and got this result.

My hair was quite dry after this so i used a hot oil treatment and let it try naturally.

My hair was quite dry after this so I used a hot oil treatment and let it dry naturally.

Because of this, I decided not to bleach any more as it would have damaged my hair too much.

Even with the yellow tones in my hair, it came out quite a nice colour in the end!


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