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26th March 2012

My inspirations for this particular hairstyle were mainly the lovely Cyndi Lauper, and a little embarrassingly – a lovely colour combination of red, orange/yellow, and purple I discovered on a fun little makeover game site.

First, I spent about a month fading the red in my hair as well as I could with dandruff shampoo and some vitamin C treatments. My hair faded to a light salmon colour.

This is what my hair fades to

When it stopped fading, I bleached the yellow section twice with a 20 volume bleach for 40 minutes, then for 25 minutes. Since red is a very difficult colour to get out of hair, it didn’t lighten well enough. So I used a high-lift yellow dye called Redken Hi-Fusion in Yellow with a 30 volume developer to lift out the rest of the red. This dye will lighten hair quite a few levels with much less damage than bleach (I can’t thank Urs enough for informing me of this product!). It also seems to remove existing semi-permanent hair colour a lot better than bleach alone (high-lift blonde dyes work well to lift colour a little better than bleach with less damage if you have a stubborn colour you need to get out). This dye comes in a few unnatural shades, and is usually only available to professionals, but it can easily be found on eBay for around $6 USD, or about £4.

After bleaching twice:

After bleaching, it wasn't light enough to apply the yellow.

After the high-lift yellow:

After the high-lift dye was used.

As bleaching takes away a lot of protein in the hair, I needed to apply a protein mask to restore it. But I didn’t have a hair mask at hand that contained protein. So being a little strapped for cash, I used the next best thing – an egg! Eggs have a lot of protein, and the yolk I’ve heard is especially good for your hair. I beat one whole egg and mixed it with equal parts of mayonaise and about a tablespoon of olive oil. The egg gives your hair an odd texture, but after washing with a good shampoo and conditioner, it should return to normal.

I let my hair rest for a couple of weeks before dyeing the rest, so I had a bit of re-growth that I took care of with my selection of high-lift dyes.



Dyeing roots

Here are the dyes I used on my re-growth:
Yellow: Redken Hi-Fusion in Yellow with a 30 volume peroxide
Orange: Redken Hi-Fusion in Orange/Yellow with a 30 volume peroxide
Red: L’Oreal HiColor Hilights in Red with a 40 volume peroxide

Now my re-growth is gone, but the rest of my hair is dull and faded. So I used some semi-permanent dyes to brighten it.

Dull, faded ends.

Dyeing ends.

After that, I had a lovely fire-like gradient!


Gradient 2

Here are the dyes I used to brighten the faded bits:
Red: Crazy Color – Fire, Directions – Pillarbox Red
Orange: Stargazer – UV Red & Yellow
Yellow: Joico Vero K-Pak Chrome – Really Yellow, Stargazer – Yellow

After that, it was time for the purple! The purple would have bled and ran into my yellow, making it look muddy. So I used a weft of 613 White Blonde Remy human hair extensions instead of dyeing my own natural hair with the purple. The hair in the extensions soaks up the dye better and will barely bleed. My extensions are 22”, and a similar set can be found for around $50 or £32 on eBay.

For the purple dye, I used Directions Violet with a touch of Pillarbox Red then diluted with conditioner.

Then I glued in my extensions, re-dyed my eyebrows, and added a tiny gradient of red, orange, and purple to my sideburn:

Sideburn gradient

As a finishing touch, I trimmed my undercut/sidecut and curled my hair. I used a 1 1/2” curling iron and taking single-colour sections so the colours wouldn’t be jumbled together and look muddy.

Here’s the finished result:


Finished 2

Finished 3

I hope you enjoyed this!

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