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Multicoloured Chunks

Published on 27th June 2011

So this is where my sister’s hair journey began. I dyed her hair with a permanent purple by L’Oreal (can’t remember the shade).

Kristina's hair permanent purple

As is known, unnatural permanent colours like to fade. After Kristina’s hair turned a red-ish brown, we decided to lighten her hair through a series of “bleach baths (aka soap capping)(Bleach bath/soap cap)”: http://haircrazy.info/beginner-guides/bleach-bathing/.
The ratio of bleach (20 vol) to shampoo was roughly 1:1. We took our time and did this over several months…we forgot to take pics a couple of times but you get the gist.

Bleach bath progression

After a number of obstacles we finally got around to dyeing it with fun colours. I began by dividing her hair which resulted in 19 sections. The decision was made to use Wakk Stain’s blue and pink along with Rusk Scream’s radical yellow with there being 6 sections of each colour. For the remaining section we created a green by mixing the blue and yellow – 5 parts yellow to one part blue (green is her favourite colour so it was a must to have it somewhere). Her fringe also featured the green which blended into blue tips.

The flash liked to make the yellow appear green. the foil was used to stop the colours from touching each other:

multi dye in

And finally, the result…

Without flash (sorry about the blur):

multi result, no flash

With flash:

multi result with flash

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