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10th May 2004

This shows how I did a root touch up on my white hair. First pic – here’s the stuff I used. Indola Rapid Blond and Indola Profession 30 Volume peroxide.Also in the photo is a tint brush, some Special Effects White Toner and a very pointy tail comb. I got the powder bleach cheap because they’d priced it wrong in the shop (got £8 off!). I’d been using it with generic 30 volume peroxide with okay results. I thought I’d try the matching developer to see if it made a difference. I mix my bleach 1:2 powder:peroxide so it’s runny but not too runny. The thinner it is the slower I find it goes off. Since I was doing my roots a different way than usual (usually section it before starting to bleach) I thought I’d do a photo story.

Pic 2 – I had exactly one month’s regrowth. I split my hair into 4 chunks – halfed it down the middle and then took a parting from the crown to the top of my ears. I then applied bleach to the partings.

bleach powder, pexoride and special effects white toner
Hair was split into 4 parts to apply bleach
Pic 3 – After getting Tony to do the back 2 sections I started on the front ones. Started at the crown and used the end of a tail comb to pick out thin sections. I held each section up while I painted the roots with bleach on both sides. I repeated this until all the hair in that section was done and repeated the process on the other section. Pic 4 – After about 1 hour of bleaching I shampooed out the bleach. This is the result (wet).
Applying bleach to the hair in small sections
The roots are now blond after bleaching
Pic 5 – Hair with Special Effects toner on. You can see I didn’t take much care applying this. Oops! Anyway, note the whitening effect in action compared to the photo before toner.

It’s gone a little bit purple but I don’t mind (probably because I left it on for half an hour instead of 15 mnutes). This photo shows up all the bits that didn’t get enough toner. Next time I’ll section if properly and apply the toner evenly. After one wash the purple has gone! This photo is in normal day light without flash!

The toner is purple in colour. You can see it's cancelling out the yellowness
After the toner the hair is much less yellow

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