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Bleaching Out Faded Green

Published on 31st July 2009

I loved my green dye, but decided to change it.

To prepare for this a week in advance I washed my hair everyday with a cleansing shampoo. You can see how this faded my green, but some of it was being stubborn.

So first I shampooed the hair real well, and towel dried. I then mixed my bleach and applied all over, to the darkest green bits first, and then my roots. As soon as I put it on the green it started to disappear!

The dye I used.

BEFORE: Faded tropical green stargazer, and natural roots.

I left it on for about 40 minutes. My head burnt! Risky I know, but I have strong hair and although its dry afterwards, I bleach like this once every other month or sooner and its never affected it too much.

DURING: With the bleach on

As you can see, it worked perfectly, it has a slight yellow tint, but Ive got some silver toner ordered so next week Ill apply that. This is my first ever photo story so please let me know what you think!

Its not too hard, but I put intermediate because I could never have done this my first time bleaching, you have to judge when its light enough and how to properly care for the really dry hair after.

Thanks for reading!!!

AFTER: The finished result!

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  • Applying bleach to unwashed hair is best to avoid the itchy feeling associated with bleaching.
  • If you feel burning you should shampoo out the bleach immediately!