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Bleaching an Underlayer in Bangs

Published on 26th February 2008

First gather your supplies and organize your work area. Its a lot easier to do things when you are prepare before hand, especially when you need to section.

I used Clairol Complements gel Lighting kit, 20 volume developer also by Clairol, gloves, a non-metal bowl, a tint brush, and saran wrap for sectioning. Foil can be used in stead of saran wrap of course.

Then section off the hair you want to use, and apply conditioner to the hair surrounding it that you do not want to bleach. Also do this to your skin. It will protect them.

Don’t forget to make silly faces when you take pictures for the world to see.


hair sectioning

Watch the bleach carefully. I did not do a strand test, but I should have. Always read the label and do not leave bleach in any longer than it says. Not only can this be damaging but bleach has a half-life, meaning once it is mixed it only works for a specific amount of time.

Rinse with water, throughly. You want to remove all bleach. Shampoo and then rinse again.

Apply bleach

Cover your head in a good conditioner. Then for extra conditioning power, cover in plastic wrap, and heat with a hair dryer.

Then you’re done! You can re-bleach if necessary or proceed to tone.

all done!

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