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  1. Candy Rock Hair

    Candy Rock Hair

    From faded rainbow to candy stripes!

  2. Girl On Fire

    Girl On Fire

    How I got a fire-like effect in my red and orange hair.

  3. My Cyndi Lauper Inspired Hair

    My Cyndi Lauper Inspired Hair

    Cyndi Lauper has inspired me for years with her amazing hair colours and cuts. And after sporting nothing but solid red hair for a few years, I've decided to do something more exciting with it!

  4. How I Got My Sfx Atomic Pink Hair Back To A Natural Colour

    A photo story on how I went from Atomic Pink to natural blonde.

  5. Candy Clouds of Lullaby

    Candy Clouds Of Lullaby

    Inspirations can come from anywhere, even the candy shop.

  6. Sunset Hair

    Sunset Hair

    Feather's very first attempt at colouring her hair sunset colours.

  7. Yellow Pink/Yellow Orange Gradient

    Yellow Pink/Yellow Orange Gradient

    A little photo story of how I got a nice yellow to pink gradient on one side of my head, and a fiery orange and yellow on the other.

  8. Heidi Braids

    Heidi Braids

    A quick summer hairstyle that's different from your average up-do.

  9. Multicoloured Chunks

    Multicoloured Chunks

    A hair journey from permanent purple to fun colours!

  10. Taking Hair from Black to Turquoise!

    Taking Hair From Black To Turquoise!

    From black to turquoise with minimal damage.

  11. Hairdressers Just Don't Get It

    Hairdressers Just Don't Get It

    From tame to bright red!

  12. Complete Hair Makeover

    Complete Hair Makeover

    Take you hair from FAB!!!

  13. How to Get Star-burst Hair

    How To Get Star-Burst Hair

    My article on how you can achieve "star burst" hair.

  14. Bleaching Out Permanent Dyes

    Bleaching Out Permanent Dyes

    How to go from permanent red/brown to blonde

  15. Hair Rainbow

    Hair Rainbow

    A short article on how I dyed my hair into a random-colour rainbow.

  16. My Gorgeous Multicolours

    My Gorgeous Multicolours

    How I dyed my hair 20 colours

  17. Bleaching Black Hair, Then Dyeing Blue

    From black, to blonde, then blue

  18. Bleaching Out Faded Green

    Bleaching Out Faded Green

    Bleaching from green to blonde

  19. My Journey Through the Color Spectrum.

    My Journey Through The Color Spectrum.

    Photo timeline.

  20. Dyeing Hair Wildflower Purple And Atomic Pink

    Getting your hair pink and purple.

  21. Making a Pink 'fro

    Making A Pink 'Fro

    My first time dyeing African American hair

  22. Chunk of Blonde

    Chunk Of Blonde

    How I got the underneath of the left side of my head blonde

  23. Bleaching an Underlayer in Bangs

    Bleaching An Underlayer In Bangs

    Technique for a bleached underlayer for bangs

  24. Patchwork Hair

    Patchwork Hair

    How to get a hair colour checkerboard look

  25. Achieving Silver!

    Achieving Silver!

    A guide on getting Silver or White hair

  26. Scattered Color - Earth

    Scattered Color - Earth

    How to achieve a scattered look

  27. Holly's Prom Hair

    A funky prom hair do

  28. Shetland's Electric Lizard

    Shetland's Electric Lizard

    From brown to bright green in 2 easy steps!

  29. Pete Stripe

    Pete Stripe

    Pete gets a blue stripe across his head

  30. Doing Roots White

    Doing Roots White

    A root retouch on white hair

  31. Cruella Hair

    Cruella Hair

    I was getting very bored of my blue/turquoise hair. After watching 101 Dalmations last month, I found my inspiration!

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