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Photographing Your Hair

Published on 14th August 2007

Have you ever done a fantastic dye job only to find out it looks crap when you photograph it? It’s a common problem with violet and pine green looking much too blue or turquoise coming out green in photos.
Having taken hundreds of hair photos for the site, I’ll explain how I have discovered the best conditions for showing your hair’s true colours.

Tungsten + Hair Colour = Bad Picture
One of the main things that will interfere with your hair photo is indoor lighting. You’ve probably noticed that normal light bulbs give off a yellowish light. This affects how your camera processes the colours. Where you see it looking ok under artificial light, the camera may not. Violet can look blue, pink can look reddish and turquoise and look overly green. Red, Blue and Green will usually look ok under these lighting conditions but other shades are often affected.
You may also notice that your hair colour is affected by the flash on your camera – shades like violet and purple often look too blue in night shots illuminated by flash.

For those reasons it’s usually best to take your hair photograph outside if possible. It doesn’t have to be a sunny day. You may find you get much more vivid colours when the light is diffused by cloud cover. Although direct sunlight is great for making your hair look shiny, it confuses some digital cameras and give unusual results. I found this occasionally happens with strong blue tones.

If you can’t get outside try taking your photo next to a window. Don’t stand with your back to the window or your face and hair will be dark in the picture. Instead stand with the window to one side of you so that the light is falling onto your face. Many cameras will automatically add flash if required. Although flash can sometimes cause problems with the colour, the natural light should minimise this and you’ll still be able to get a good photo.

Now you know how to take a good photo of your hair, why not share it on the message board? http://haircrazy.info/forum/forum/4/

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  • Artifical lighting will give your hair a yellowish cast
  • Take your pic in daylight avoiding direct sunlight