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How to Remove Dye with a Vitamin C Treatment.

Published on 11th February 2011

So, you’ve dyed your hair and its come out too dark? Or you’re bored of pink and fancy going lilac?
This should be your first step before soap caps or bleaching!
You’ll need:

  • A few vitamin C tablets. (around 500mg is a good start, but as different brands put different amounts in each tablet you might have to work it out.) Because I do this quite a lot, I use vitamin c powder, which is available in Holland and Barrat’s for around £6.
  • A good shampoo, preferably one which leaves your hair nice and soft.
  • Something to crush up your tablets- a teaspoon works well.
  • Something to mix up your concoction in.
    I use a tint bowl, but an old yoghurt pot will do the trick.
  • A shower cap or some cling-film.

This is a really easy process:
First mash up your vitamin C tablets into a powder using the bottom of your tea spoon. Its best if you do this inside your mixing bowl.
Next, add a good squirt of shampoo. I generally use more than usual so I can really lather up my hair nicely. Mix the two and make sure there’s no lumpy bits!
Apply to wet hair, just like ordinary shampoo. Take 5 minutes or so to really work it through your hair. Massage it into your lengths as well as your scalp and make sure you’ve got it all nice and bubbly.
Next, pop a shower cap on your head, or wrap up your hair in cling-film, or use an old plastic bag. This is important! Your hair will more than likely drip down onto your shoulders, and dye can stain clothes. You might want to put an old towel on your shoulders just in case.
Leave the mixture on your hair for around 45 minutes, then rinse and apply a good conditioner.

As I said, I do this a fair bit, if I want to change colours or if I want to lighten a shade. I found this method on the internet; I’m not a professional hair dresser so I’m not entirely sure how this works. It does its job well though and doesn’t damage your hair like bleach can.
This will work for both permanent dyes and semi-permanent vegetable based dyes. It may dry your hair out a little bit so make sure you condition afterwards.
This won’t lighten natural hair, but will help remove or lighten hair dye.
The results depend on the condition of your hair, the dye used, and how much vitamin c you use. It will vary for different people and different colours and hair types.

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