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10 Tips for Getting your Photo in the Gallery

Published on 7th April 2010

We’ve recently tightened up the criteria for which photos will make it into HairCrazy’s hair gallery and have been receiving a lot of questions about how to get a photo into the gallery. Here I’ll give you some tips on taking a good photograph as well as what criteria our moderators look for in a gallery quality photo.

1. Quality is Key

Above all else, we favour images that are of good quality. What exactly does that mean?
Quality images are not grainy or overly dark or bright. They are large enough to display properly (images should be no smaller than 400px wide but we prefer larger images that we can then resize later). A good quality image is in focus and has not been digitally altered beyond some cropping, resizing or adjusting the orientation.
Although some webcams and phones can take a good photo, if you use them in low light the results tend to be less than favourable. For this reason we recommend you use a normal camera to take your photos.

2. Always submit a .jpg or .png

We don’t accept bitmap images (.bmp) and submitting one will cause your hair timeline to fail. Please convert your image to a .jpg before uploading.

3. Orientate your photo!

Pictures that require rotation will be discounted from the gallery. We don’t have the means to easily rotate them.

4. Photograph Yourself in the Best Light

Sounds simple, but keep in mind you’re taking a picture of your hair. How does your hair look best? Usually it’s in natural light so take your photo outside or near a bright window but not with your back to the light and you’ll get good results.

5. We’re Sick of MySpace Poses

Not only is the MySpace pose (that is being too close to the camera and staring longingly up to the lens with a with a sad expression) becoming very dated, and therefore dating the gallery, it tends not to show off the hair style and colour very well. Take a photo that gives us a good look at your hair without obscuring your face.

6. Don’t Mess with a Masterpiece

It’s such a shame when we have to disregard a great photo because the poster has messed around in Photoshop or scrawled some writing all over the photo. Keep it simple.

7. Obscured Faces

We won’t accept photos where your face has been obscured. This might be because you’ve hidden your face, submitted a photo of the back of your head or even worse – you’ve scrawled out your face in MS Paint. If you don’t want your face on the internet then maybe you shouldn’t be submitting pictures of yourself to a gallery.

8. We Know When You’ve 'Shopped it!

Please don’t submit photos to either the gallery or your timeline where you have messed with it in Photoshop or GIMP or some other graphics program. It’s unfair and misleading to purposefully bump up the saturation on your photos to make your hair look brighter or more vivid. And we can tell. Any images like this will be removed completely.

9. Sounds Obvious but…

Don’t post black and white photos! This is a gallery about hair dyeing. We want to see colour!!!

10. The Golden Rule

NEVER post images which you do you not own the full copyright to. We take plagiarism very seriously and any user caught passing off another person’s images as their own, or infringing a photographer’s copyright will have their account disabled and the images removed. Did you know that even if it’s you in the photo, the copyright belongs to the photographer unless you have made other arrangements? Please keep this in mind, ask permission, let them see our user agreement (available at the bottom of every page) etc., especially when posting images you have had taken by a professional photographer.

Any questions? Ask below.

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