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  1. Heather's Helpful Hints for Changing Hair Color

    Heather's Helpful Hints For Changing Hair Color

    Interested in changing your hair colour but worried about the damage? Heather has some helpful tips on how to get ready for your next colour.

  2. Katie's Direct Dye Fading Treatment

    Katie's Direct Dye Fading Treatment

    In this article, Katie combines fading techniques to create an effective method for removing direct dyes from hair.

  3. Creating Colour Combinations for your Hair

    Creating Colour Combinations For Your Hair

    Learn how to use colour harmonies to easily create complex colour schemes for your hair.

  4. ColourB4 Colour Remover on Direct Dyes

    Colourb4 Colour Remover On Direct Dyes

    I'm investigating a new and less damaging method of removing unnatural coloured dyes from the hair.

  5. 10 Ways To Remove Hair Colour

    In this article I explore 10 techniques for removing your hair colour.

  6. Homemade Hairspray

    An effective hairspray made of natural ingredients that you can make at home.

  7. Be A Superhero: A Guide To Saving Damaged Hair

    A step-by-step guide on how to rejuvenate damaged hair.

  8. Just For Fun - Make Your Own Swatch Chart

    Just For Fun - Make Your Own Swatch Chart

    Make choosing colour combinations easier with your own customised colour chart!

  9. How To Remove Dye With A Vitamin C Treatment.

    How to use vitamin C tablets to remove hair dye.

  10. How To Keep Hair Healthy Without Spending

    A short list of things you can do everyday to keep your hair looking healthy.

  11. Color Oops, Effasol And L'Oreal Color Removers Guide

    Guide for using Hair Color Removers such as Color Oops, Effasol and L’Oreal Color Remover (Also known as Color Zap).

  12. 10 Tips for Getting your Photo in the Gallery

    10 Tips For Getting Your Photo In The Gallery

    Would you like to see your hair photos up there with the other great photos in our gallery? Follow these tips for success.

  13. Collaborative Article: "How Do You Change Your Hair Colour?"

    We asked our forum members how they change their hair colour from one shade to another.

  14. Oh No! I'Ve Dyed My Fingers!

    Different ways of removing dye from your skin and finger nails.

  15. Photographing Your Hair

    Photographing Your Hair

    Get your hair to show its true colour in photographs

  16. Fading Your Colour

    Need to get rid of a hair colour? Here are some tips for fading your hair.

  17. Healthy Hair

    Make your hair look healthy and cover up damage

  18. Cleaning Up Dye

    Oh dear you've got dye everywhere? How are you going to sort this one out?

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