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  1. Harry Potter Nails!

    Harry Potter Nails!

    A basic how-to for these Harry Potter nails!

  2. Cute Doll Look

    Cute Doll Look

    You can use this look if you wanna be as cute as a doll! Or you can tone it a bit down and wear it for everyday.

  3. Gothic Rose

    Gothic Rose

    Unleash the inner vamp with this unique and surprisingly achievable look.

  4. Today's Teardrops, Tomorrow's Rainbows

    Today's Teardrops, Tomorrow's Rainbows

    Makeup look inspired by rainbow hair!

  5. Four-Eyes Makeup

    Four-Eyes Makeup

    I often find that makeup doesn't always accentuate my eyes, but instead detracts from them. This is a simple solution to brighten your eyes behind those frames.

  6. Blended Rainbow Eye Makeup

    Blended Rainbow Eye Makeup

    Fun, wearable, rainbow eyeshadow.

  7. Tropical Eyes

    Tropical Eyes

    A summery look to brighten up those grey overcast days

  8. Leopard Print Nail Polish

    Leopard Print Nail Polish

    Learn how to paint a simple version of leopard spots without spending on extra materials. Experiment with colours and decorations; your imagination is the only limit!

  9. Neon Eyeliner Techniques

    Neon Eyeliner Techniques

    Tips on how to draw unique combinations of bright eyeliner.

  10. Drawing Colourful Eyebrows

    Drawing Colourful Eyebrows

    How to draw in eyebrows after shaving them off.

  11. Who Says Brown is Boring?

    Who Says Brown Is Boring?

    Usually when it comes to makeup neutrals are the sensible choice, but in this article you'll see how to create a brown nighttime look.

  12. Fruit Salad Makeup

    Fruit Salad Makeup

    Inspired by the January 2012 Photo of the Month.

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