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Some Tips on Dread Extensions

Published on 24th July 2009

Many people, like myself, cannot actually dread their hair and get it to lock up. Whether it’s because of the lack of thickness, or the lack of know-how on maintenance (or lack of motivation on maintenance rather!) Many people do not know that you can get the same look of real dreads and take them out in a couple weeks versus shaving your head or risking breakage with real dreads. I myself am a huge lover of synthetic dreads, they go with many styles, they’re easy to take care of, and it’s LOW MAINTENANCE. Dread Extensions are especially amazing if you want to wear them for a special event but have to work next week. I personally love to wear dreads and love to switch them up every few months. But there’s other options besides full blown extensions…

There are many different ways to wear these fake dreads. If your hair can be put into a dancer’s bun, then you can wear falls. Falls attach to the bun, hang down in a pony tail, look amazing, and can be removed in literally 2 seconds. You take it out the same way you’d take down your hair for bed at the end of the day. Very practical for those of you who have jobs that don’t allow crazy hair.

Some girls i saw at Fantasy Fest '08 rocking some dread extensions

It doesn’t get much more temporary than a Dread Wig! Dread wigs can usually be ordered with a skin top part, or bangs, to look a little more real. A base wig is dreaded up and more dreads are sewn into the wig cap to fill in gaps or add fullness. Dread Wigs are an awesome commodity for cosplayers, stage performers, gothic lolita lovers and more. I dance for Orlando Belly Dance and absolutely love the idea of incorporating wigs and dread falls into our shows!! Hope this helped anyone with questions about dreads!

this is an image i found on google

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